Examples of Scrolls

by Jane Johnson

During our fathering we have come across many words from real people of what they have heard as on their destiny scroll. Here is a sample that may help you describe your mountains or scrolls on your destiny book.

  • Freedom (spiritually and physically includes oppressed)
  • New wineskin (Ecclesia)
  • Unity
  • Love
  • Immortality
  • Overcoming
  • The poor (spiritually and physically)
  • Nations (or regions)
  • Universe/multiverse
  • Creating
  • A genre of people, e.g., women, youth, elderly, Asian’s
  • Destiny (helping with scrolls)
  • Fathering nations
  • Discipling individuals

All seem to be taken on by everyone as a son matures and learns accelerates ways of ruling and governing.

Keep this in mind that mountains merge so don’t take camp or invest large resources in a ministry.

Days of ministry by individuals and small sections seems to be coming to an end as Father calls in all to work together as One United body all on the same page.