Examples of Real Cities Created to Bring in the New Heaven

By Jane Johnson (Nov 2017)

  • We see the theme of cities through the scriptures (Zion, Jerusalem, Salem, New Jerusalem). We have pages explaining these.
  • We believe we are in latter days and we have a role in being a gate ushering the new Heaven for all our timeline .
  • We have been shown in encounters of a bench of 12 that we govern existing qualities from eternity and create new days or cities in infinity to allow the flow to happen .
  • Cities are values of the heavenly blueprint
  • My cities I have been led to create (these descriptions may change as revelation increases as to how to define the truth of them but these give you examples.

I see we rule over them with Jesus as a bench of 2 in the is to come so we are co heirs with Christ over an ever developing kingdom.

  1. Unity values abide

  2. Those who want to govern in eternity

  3. Abrahams inheritance

  4. Just had mandate to create a city in infinity for full abundance !!!

  5. Scrolls – fullest destiny

  6. Culture of new wineskin

  7. Those who want their Bodies back who have died

  8. Those who are alive and want their bodies not to die

  9. Those who want to be manifest sons

  10. Pure DNA from son of god strand not combining animals and man DNA

  11. World peace no fighting / wars

  12. All to return to the mountain of the Lord Zion and understand ruling from there.

  13. Immortality