Examples of Encounters From Jane Johnson’s Diary March – June 2017

March 2017

Operating as a tree of life arcing over the river – causing many portals to open and planting trees of life on my mountains now.

Many mandates for the ecclesia to move forward and create a culture of honor and unity.

Call to disciple nations now more than people as calling grows.

Testimonies about health victories and huge Rich time.

Many domain encounter groups growing.

April 2017

Created Unlimited love in new heaven from operating in age of new beginnings.

Did the same for unlimited supply (the previous week).

Had coronation for chancellorship. Amazing ceremony then presentation. Struggling with confidence before this breakthrough but continued to rule from Zion and operate out of the new Jerusalem.

Acting as a judge in my court room over familiar spirits over Ecclesia Framework mountain (part of chancellorship).

Ruling over finances affecting the new wineskin and misunderstanding of worship and unity.

Dealt with a spirit of disunity and banished this forever asking the angels to take this away.

UNTETHERING the body from the pull of the world.

May 2017 

Mandate to create responsibility like Jesus took for the world.
Creating infused knowledge by light methods in discovery encounter.

Mandate for wrong spiritual force over pastors that leads to unhealthy dependence on their  teaching and ministry rather than see for yourself.

UNLIMITED WATER SUPPLY created this in new heaven so it could be restored to new earth.

Saw an accusation of lack of faith on our divine health mountain – dealt with it and then presented case for full faith – saw a frequency and released it in David’s tent.

Saw accusation of apathy over ecclesia that was linked with doubt.

Discovered a new healing method at wisdom’s table (breathing gold dust out of our mouths) and a light chamber that aligned all parts that were sick.

Dealing with familiar spirit of triggering in my own courtroom for my kingly mountain.

Dealing with familiar spirit around keeping people in warfare in atmosphere of the earth.

Intense encounter ruling over the star houses bringing the best of the characteristics of the 12 tribes down to earth. Calling forth the 12 tribes to reunite back in new Jerusalem.

Ruling on Zion over health mountain, business mountain. Discovering role of Salem, new Jerusalem and city of Zion.

Getting revelation on age of Zion and how we can choose to live in that age  operating from new Jerusalem.

Releasing golden river from golden mountain of Melchizedek over Australia.

Ruling from Zion over affects of the sun and moon so I control the atmosphere around me.

Saw from Melchizedek that an accelerated way of courts to get judgement and justice was through governing the star houses.

June 2017

Calling forth and mandating angels to help people see need for benches at an early stage and stop them going down distracting paths that stop them going up to Zion and causing them to eat off knowledge.

Released DNA of Zion to the ecclesia in a group encounter so people would be hungry to know the significance of ruling.

Calling forth fathers of truth as we saw a blueprint in wed zoom . Intense encounter with Moses and Enoch about being a father of truth which quite shocked me.

Saw differences in arcs now represented them coming into their specialisms and operating out of different ages.

Receiving and releasing fruits of the spirit from engaging as a tree over river arcing with Jesus and now feeling a constant drinking of source of supply. Feeling urge to release love over lots as a fruit coming from my mouth.

See myself hovering over the earth hugging it with different mandates DESCENDING.

Asked about any other everlasting doors to be opened and told doors to reveal ages particularly ecclesia age at the moment.

Opening gateways of faith for the lost.

MALARIA / Saw a blueprint for the eradication of mosquitoes as sucking our blood is a corruption of DNA from the enemy . Created a world where no malaria exists.

Had Coronation for sainthood whilst visiting Seville cathedral (magnificent and told we are all saints so can happen to anyone).

BECOMING DIAMOND/crystal like . New experience that goes beyond my experience in becoming like gold. Seems to have connection with the crystal city talked about in rev 21.


I do this thing called pouring now where I am like a fountain bucket taking in supply of water from heaven and then pouring out. Feels like age of Zion.

Ruling over rebuilding of the temple which is us as the new Jerusalem.

Ruling that we would all relinquish any form of the ecclesia so we are able to see the true wineskin.