12 Heavenly Cities, 12 Thrones, 12 Crowns and Benches of 12

12 Heavenly Cities, 12 Thrones, 12 Crowns and Benches of 12

Bill Brady


There are 12 Heavenly Cities in an upward progression.

  • Beginning with New Jerusalem.
  • Ending with receiving Crown of Glory.

This progression up through these cities is a continuation of the upward journey.

  • Beginning with your lord thrones.
  • Then your king thrones.
  • Then your Mount Zion throne.
  • Then upward to New Jerusalem and your throne there.
  • Then upward through each of the heavenly cities.
  • You have a throne in each of the 12 heavenly cities.

There is four-step process that leads to coronation on each throne.

Forerunners are making the journey upward from city to city.

  • They explore each heavenly city.
  • They receive a triumphal entry in each city.
  • Then they sit down on the throne of that city.
  • And they are crowned.

This is an entering into an attribute of the Godhead that is present in that city.

  • It is an entering into Jesus in the earlier cities.
  • And into Father in the later ones.

Then comes a time in which the Godhead fills you with that attribute.

  • So you enter into Jesus or Father.
  • And they enter into you and fill you.
  • A progression of coming to full union with the Godhead:  I in them and they in me.
  • Once filled we then have a final coronation on the throne of that city.
  • After our initial entry and crowning comes a time of preparation for coronation.
  • The 7 spirits of God prepare us for that coronation.

Two groups of forerunners are currently making this journey up through the cities. 

  • A first wave of forerunners is doing the initial discovery of the 12 cities.
  • A second wave of forerunners is following the first wave.

The first wave is making a unique journey upward through the cities.

  • Beginning with the exploration of New Jerusalem.
  • And the four heavenly cities revealed to the Ecclesia by Ian Clayton.
  • Followed by initial discovery and naming of the remaining 8 cities.
  • A triumphal entry and a crowning follows in each city.
  • Then we move on to discovery of the next city.

Having entered most of the heavenly cities we are now starting at the bottom again.

  • This time we pause at each city and are being filled with the Godhead.
  • We receive a final coronation in that city.
  • Then we move upward to repeat the process in the next city.
  • When finished we will move into the full 12-fold headship of Jesus as Christ
  • Christ = Messiah = King.

A second wave of forerunners is following the first wave.

  • You are taking a slower one time journey to the top.
  • Initial crowning seems to follow an extensive exploration of the city.
  • And is followed by preparation by the 7 spirits of God.

While you are being prepared you may likely move on to the next city.

  • Where you will begin exploration of that city.
  • You will likely be exploring several cities up.
  • While you are being filled and coming to dwell in a city further down.

Which wave of forerunners are you journeying upward with? 

  • The first wave who are now finishing the process of being coronated in each city?
  • Or the second wave who are just now starting on their way upward?

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If anyone has additional heavenly city entrance recordings please let me know.