End Times Governmental Journey Group

End Times Governmental Journey Group

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 Part 1   

Day 3 Part 2

Day 4

Day 5 – Recording Lost, Summary is in the beginning of Day 6

Day 6

Next Steps

Day 7

Day 8 – 3 Governmental Actions

Day 8

  • Throne of Rest as forerunners.  GA.
  • Seeing this Bench as a Transitional Government

Day 9 –

  • Welcoming the One that Jesus left the 99 to go get.
  • Saw unending lines of gold coins crossing the drawbridge after the One.
  • Sending forth a 4-fold shofar blast to welcome all.

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12  12 shofar calls as one shofar call.  GA to deflate Vatican system by giving people freedom to leave and hear the shofar.

Day 13 We lifted our rods up together and they became one rod. We sensed that our one united rod is a backbone with one spirit in the spinal column. We sensed the need to release the shofar call to unity of the ARCs and the Ecclesia and did so. This is a uniting of the 12 organ systems of the One United Body. We are the backbone / skeletal system. Each ARC is one organ system. We sensed the need to take our one united rod and lift it up to become part of One United Body’s one rod. We did so. We bacame part of the one rod for one united body. We read Isaiah 60. Sensed call to join Jesus on the Mt of Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah = a call to transfiguration. We entered into Jesus and sensed that we became light. This is final fulfillment of the city set on the Hill in New Earth? Then we sensed that the pilot light for personal transfiguration is lit. Together we each turned up our dials to full.

We each spoke our name associated with this bench of 12 and in doing so became one. Also spoke Jane’s name as Destiny and any other function that she has on this bench and the yet unrevealed names of those who will join us on the bench.

Day 14  Dialoged about the 12 city journey, judging to freedom from other government, judging to echad (oneness).  One shared vision.  Another shared encounter with Lady Wisdom.  She wanted relationship at her door, not at her window by dialog.  We traded out of any mixture of wisdom of the world.  Jumped out door of airplane as paratroopers.  Landed victoriously in enemy territory.

Day 15 Encounter with Lady Wisdom and her Handmaidens.  We invited Wisdom into our houses and became one with her.  Saw that we create with our words.  Our tongues have become life.  Went into the depths and discovered that we are full of see.  Released that seed.

Day 16  Further engagement with Wisdom.  Also with Glory and Honor and Power.  along with Blessing, Riches and Strength.  Rev 4 – 5.  Honored founder of Face Book to redeem Facebook for the gospel.

Day 16 Came into fullness of Rest for this bench and for the Ecclesia.  Dialoged / framed  topic of our own houses and what it means to be a hosue.  Realized that we have/ are  a house as a bench.

Day 17 – Come out of Babylon

Day 18

Day 19 – Did mandate for unity of the universal Ecclesia. Did valley of dry bones mandate. Adjusted our own father hearts to be towards the children. Blew the breath of life into the universal ecclesia just like Jesus blew on the 12 apostles and said, “receive the Holy Spirit”. GA brought unity of body, soul and spirit. Were invited to a banquet and given honor as fathers and forerunners. Also, did GA to bring all into the now. Now by faith. Removed the mindset of the Ecclesia relegating the things of Rev to the past or the future. This was a really big day!

Day 20 We released Peace.  We traded out of the religious spirit. Did GA to remove mixed flow of living water and religious spirit in the Ecclesia.

Day 21  See 4 pillars of Babylon are:  political spirit, religious spirit, economic spirit and military spirit.  Began to work on removing the foundation of the economic spirit.  Worked further on religious spirt.  Hve direction to do this in this order:  as individuals, as fathers and for the Ecclesia.  This was the day of Breakthrough begining.  Just as Daniel received breakthrough on the 21st day.  See Dan 10:12.

Day 22  We undid the Ecclesia’s negative trade similar to Esau’s trade.  We became one with the Ecclesia. We identified with her and traded to bring her the destined release from captivity to Babylon.  See Dan 9.  We laid our heads down on the stone that Jacob laid his head down on.  See Gen 28:11.  Profound trading and un-trading leading to freedom for the Ecclesia.

As we laid our heads on the stone of destiny our heads merged as one and a crown came from within us, the one united body and we had a coronation. The trumpet was blowing 🎼🎺🙋🏽‍♀️.
We are no long going to live or operate from outside or around us but everything we do will be entirely from within.

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26 – Placing the capstone coronation crown of Jesus’ head.

Day 27 – City of God – to be added

Day 28 – Dialoged about golden bowls.  Plugged our thumb drives into the table.

Day 29 – Rec’d “You are my beloved son.  Listen to him.”  Then became the shofar that transmitted this frequency to the Ecclesia.  Dialoged about DNA.

Day 30 – The column/rod of light, no light coming out of the eyes, after GA light came out of the eyes

Us as the light rod showed how to rise above dark night of the soul and also caused greater consciousness about Babylon so reducing the kings kingdoms

We punctured the deep pain in the soul that keeps resisting new wineskins

Recognized the dark night (transitional soul not understanding spiritual time), not the same experience as the dark cloud we enter into with Father.

Day 31 – 3 joined us this day for the first time.  Sat on the 7 thrones that are the 7 horns of Yeshua:  Blessing, honor, glory, power, wisdom, riches and strength.  Experienced the throne of anointing.  Dialog / encounter about the Nephilim and freeing the Ecclesia of all other government.

Day 32 Dialog about Feast of Tabernacles / NJ etc.  We were crowned with a corporate crown for entering into Tabernacles on the forerunner timeline.

Day 33 – We received Dominion.

Day 34 – 

Trade into Melchizedek / Galactic Council Encounter / Dailog / Blood Transfusion from Melchizedek and became Sons of Melchizedek.

Day 35

Dialog about Galactic Council level mandate to overcome other government