Encounters in Infinity (is to come)

A recent encounter of a number of people revealed these dynamics about infinity.

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework 

““The LORD shall reign to eternity and beyond.””

‭‭EXODUS‬ ‭15:18‬ ‭AMP‬‬

See we govern from eternity( ie come into agreement with everything there ) benching with all but create from infinity then rule with Jesus on bench of 2 which is the city of Zion in the age of Zion

A vortex which we saw infinite changing levels.
A flow from eternity to infinity and back again to eternity .

Cities / kingdoms governed by ourselves in line with who we are and maturity level we have reached – we know there is a city in new Jerusalem and if we are the new Jerusalem then it does make sense we have a city to rule from.

We could create beings like angels.

Big movement evidencing huge acceleration constantly – never ending change as people create within parameters set by father (no evil permitted as evil been destroyed in lake of fire).

Constant flow of seven spirits/angels in figure of 8 infinity shape – nothing static.

Some have seen 3 levels in the IS TO COME.

NEW DAY where we bring things into our cities

AGE OF ZION- we rule with Jesus on internal bench of 2 in city of Zion ( davids tent )

INFINITY/UNFATHOMABLE- unending realms we create in new day so many different cities ruled by people who have created different ways of operating . But sense there is common ways / laws of the universe outside of these cities


ETERNITY- unknown



seems to be white light and sensed you can find everlasting peace there and every characteristic of the father in never ending proportions eg love , unity , joy. Everlasting city there

DAYS OF old – We become ancient of days ( sensing this may be where we operate out of bench of 1 ) . That is where we entangle everything in heaven .

BEGINNINGS- I see we engage a window portal that we govern from with the trinity . Tip things out from there based on our fullness of supply from arcing as a tree in new Jerusalem. Portal upwards leads to next realm above this which is days of old .

Encounter in infinity