Importance of understanding Eden versus Garden East of Eden

  • By Jane Johnson ( we invite input on this page but this is our understanding from encounter and relationship )
  • Jan 2018
  • Eden is translated paradise.
  • Genesis talks about Eden and the Garden eastward in Eden.
  • Psalms talks of Eden being the Garden of God .
  • So two separate places. The original Garden (in east) is not the Garden in the bible that then had the tree of knowledge of good and evil in it.
  • Eden ( not the Garden east of Eden with the tree of knowledge of good and evil ) we believe originally was how it was intended to be on earth.
  • So Eden we see has another purpose maybe with sons not yet born ( ie in eternity) and sons with a body, but who never came out of the Garden with Eve at the fall (previous sons of Adam and Eve before Cain possibly).
  • We are seeing a merging of Eden and new earth
  • New Earth is an ongoing now not a finished now

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