THIS IS NOT A COURSE BUT ONGOING COMMUNITY AND GIVING TO EACH OTHER. We don’t see spirit schools as the heavenly blueprint.

8 week weekly program ongoing according to demand and facilitator availability

Sunday 6 pm pacific , 9 pm eastern by zoom – 1.5 hr program.

Commitment to at least 6 out of 8.

Donations can be offered direct to facilitator.

We are looking for facilitators of the next group with a mountain / calling for newbies .


Another testimony from one of the original Tree of Life Dialogue Group 1 members: “This group has done wonders for me!!! I have NEVER experienced the Father and Jesus my whole life until Ecclesia Framework and entering in to this family group. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement. I’m going to testify that I’ve listened to Ian, Mike, Justin and several others for months before finding Ecclesia Framework. But in the little time I’ve been here, I’ve grown leaps and bounds vs just listening to podcast ect… and doing it by myself. There is just something about connecting with others in “like” faith and building off one another. I’ve never experienced anything like it! I’ve never experienced family this way. It’s like everyone is rooting for you, wanting you to go higher and higher and you want the same for others. This Tree of Life group did all of that and more for me. Made me realize we all need each other to go higher and higher until we reach full maturity. Tree of Life group framed that up so perfectly for me.

Another Tree of Life Dialogue Group testimony: <

I do attest that its good to have a group that we can talk about and grow together in these things. I think that is an important part in our growth.

Some of the things that we are talking about in the TOLG I’ve been through in the program and the Lord has honed in on these things again. I guess u could say He has used the TOLG to fine tune some things in my life.

For me.. I believe that in order for us to grow we have to practice these things.. and for me take responsibility for what I’m learning.

Jane, Mike, Ian and others are forerunners. Bill has put a labor of love in this group as well.. They paid the price and I honor them in that.

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