Don’t Deploy Too Early!

Don’t Deploy Too Early!

by Bill Brady Ecclesia Framework

I awoke this morning seeing a vision and hearing a word.

  • I saw a World War Two era troop truck full of soldiers.
  • I heard, “Don’t deploy too early!”
  • I laid in bed for a while receiving the mind of Christ as to the meaning.
  • Here is what I sense.
  • I invite you to see if it resonates with you.

The troop truck is from a war fought before I was born.

  • World War One was called “The War to End all Wars”.
  • A lesson that can be learned from World War One is that there will always  be another war.
  • No one fought World War Two to end all wars.
  • They fought to end World War Two.
  • There is  lesson that can be learned from World War Two.
  • We learn a lesson about evil.
  • There is little doubt that Adolf Hitler was an evil man with an evil goal.
  • He wanted to conquer the world.
  • He could not be stopped with anything less than war.
  • He had to be defeated.
  • I honor all those who have fought in a war seeking to defeat the evil of their day.

Ultimately, Jesus is the only one who can end all wars.

  • He won that war before any of us were born again.
  • He shall judge between the nations,
    And rebuke many people;
    They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
    And their spears into pruning hooks;
    Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
    Neither shall they learn war anymore.

This is the meaning of the vision of the troop carrying truck.

What is the meaning of the statement, “Don’t deploy too early”?

What does it mean to deploy?

  • It is a verb from the noun deployment.
  • Deployment:  “The movement of troops to a place or position for military action.”
  • Deploy:  “Move troops into position for military action”.

We are soldiers with a mission to fight our destined fight.

  • We are soldiers.
  • We are a unit of soldiers.
  • We have an assigned place in the battle.
  • Jesus is moving us into the place that He has planned for us to fight.

There is a fight going on all around us.

  • We are soldiers.
  • We are meant to fight.
  • We want to get into the fight.
  • We are lords.
  • We want to clear the enemy from every area of our lives.
  • We are kings.
  • We want to clear the enemy from every area world-wide.
  • However, we are also sons on the edge of manifest sonship.
  • We are in the last stage of a long war.

We are a unit of troops with a planned place of deployment.

  • Jesus has chosen us to deploy us into manifest sonship.
  • He is telling us to not get out of the truck until we reach that place.

We have been born and born again for this time.

  • We live in the time when we are able to overcome death.
  • We live in a time when we can enter Manifest Sonship.
  • Manifest Sonship is our destiny.
  • We are destined to answer the groan of all of creation.
  • Anything less than this is deploying too soon.

Don’t deploy too soon! 

What does this mean about our lordship and our kingship? 

  • Do we do nothing as lords and kings?
  • No!
  • But we are not to get diverted from our mission by endless fighting.

There is a unique balance for us because of the nature of our mission.  

  • We do rule as lords and kings.
  • I would suggest that we only do so in support of our overall mission.
  • We clear the road and protect the troops on the way to Manifest Sonship.
  • As lords and kings we are not destined to do any more than this.
  • We are not destined to fight an endless war that consumes our lives.
  • We are destined to stay on mission.

Jesus told us that we can move mountains!

  • When we reach Kingship we can move our lord mountains up into Kingship.
  • When we reach Manifest Sonship we can move what was our lord and king mountains into Manifest sonship.
  • By faith we can move the mountains of lack away from every area of our lives.
  • This fully prepares us for our mission as Manifest Sons.

Don’t deploy too soon! We are in latter days so fixing world problems is not the key to massive accelerated change of Heaven and earth corporately

It is a military principle to pick your battles. 

  • We are strong warriors.
  • There are many battles that we could win.
  • But not all of them are part of our mission.
  • We are called to not redeem an old mountain ( fixing world problems all the time ) but contribute to a new one with new values ready to see the final stage of the earth

One famous general explained how to win a battle.

  • He put it simply in simple words.
  • “He who gets there the firstest with the mostest wins!”

I don’t yet know the details of our ultimate mission as Manifest Sons.

  • I believe that Manifest Sonship will remove all traces of evil in creation.
  • I do know that our first mission is to stay on schedule to get there.
  • I have a sense that Ecclesia Framework’s mission is to bring a first group to Manifest Sonship.
  • When there are enough Manifest Sons we will come to a “tipping point”.
  • After that we will see a flood of Manifest Sons rising up in the Universal Ecclesia.
  • We have repeatedly been mandated to pioneer for the Universal Ecclesia.
  • We have repeatedly been mandated to do governmental actions for the Universal Ecclesia.
  • Often, this has been in unity with Company of Heaven Dwellers.
  • This is entirely appropriate.
  • God blesses unity.
  • “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…”
  • I believe this is why we are being told not to deploy too early.
  • We need to accomplish this mission.

I suspect that it may be very simple.

  • As I write I am seeing a vision.
  • One finger is ready to push one button.
  • The finger belongs to the one corporate Manifest Son.
  • We, working with Jesus, will push the reset button on creation in one final governmental action.
  • Behold, all is made new!

Don’t deploy too soon! 


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