Discovering immortality recordings


Summary; health and immortality 12/31/2018 Encounter written by Patience Yorke-Hagan.

We started in Jesus’s garden and stepped into a gold cube of light and experienced great joy for strength on the journey.
We then entered rest, those who have entered rest have ceased from their works; we engaged rest and dropped all our cares and anxieties. Great Trading!
We had communion together using John 6 “whoever eats my body and drinks my body shall not die but live forever”

We asked the question “ Do we attain full immortality at a specific level on the journey?” the answer is yes! But we also saw that immortality is like layers upon layers of cloaks or robes which we get as we journey starting from the every beginning and builds up to the fullness of it.
As we enter and engage the DNA of Holy Spirit; Righteousness, Peace and Joy, we step into rest, the beginning of the immortality journey.
Then entered and engaged Jesus, the Way, Truth and Life which is entry into life; that is also life-immortal. We get another layer of immortality imparted to us.

The next is the father’s DNA, Holiness, Justice and Judgement which leads to the fullness and we finish up with the DNA of man; spirit, soul and body which brings us to completion of the one new man, glorified body where spirit soul and body are in perfect unity and alignment with the 9 DNA strands of the Godhead. All 12 s DNA strands are in place with man. The immortal being….death is swallowed up in victory. The mortal has put on immortality!

So we engaged the cloak, better still the cloaks and saw us taking the steps up the mountain and we were being changed as we ascended. Later on it became clear it was the mount of transfiguration. And complete transfiguration happens at the top.
These 12 steps (which are also the 12 DNA strands) up the mountain brings us to the fullness of immortality.
The End of this will be redeemed body of man to live forever in our glorified bodies in both realms, even multiple realms. Like Jesus, Enoch and others.