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Finding your Scroll/Calling

As a spirit being , we have all been given a unique calling and mandates that are written for us in our book of destiny. Our book of life often does not match this so it is important to find out what is written in your book of destiny.

There is never one way but here are some possible ideas :-

  • Spend as much time in heavenly realms seeking your scroll and asking the father to imprint it on your heart.
  • Meet with seers who can go into heaven and see for you.
  • Visit the scroll room and visualise a scroll or a book and open the pages of the book. See what is written in there in the spirit. Repeat this for further clarification.
  • Begin to list things that you feel passionate about and what contribution you most want to make in what form. What makes you righteously angry?  Seek to identify a few words that sum up what this contribution is.  Identify small steps you can take to outwork this or see a coach.
  • The more  we seek our highest calling the more the Spirit can clarify things for us so you may wish to do this calling tool and also find out your spiritual gi

Helping people find their unique highest calling is crucial to empowering an effective army of equipped disciples to take dominion over our earth.

As the Ecclesia Framework is being viewed by many people who we hope will utilize it in a positive way, we have decided to be generous and release one of the tools we have developed over many years to help people in church  find their  calling and share that journey with others.   This  has been designed to be simple to do on your own and can be sent out in church newsletter or placed on a website. For additional help in working this through people can contact http://www.groundwire.net a free 24/7  live coaching online portal.

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We also have a full e-book that is available by contacting us.

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Free assessment on God given characteristics

Human Purpose, Passion and Potential

MDNA is a framework that combines principles of intrinsic motivation and social DNA for transformation. MDNA starts with an assessment that identifies Motivational Value Systems (MVS) delivered through MDNA Cloud, a proprietary analytics and engagement software platform.

MDNA is currently utilized in industries such as HR, management consulting, brand strategy, leadership training, and executive coaching.

Your “Motivational DNA”

At the core, MDNA is comprised of seven “gifts.” We call them gifts to indicate how and what an individual is intrinsically motivated to give to the world. The basic MDNA assessment is free.

The MDNA Institute

We are a non-profit social business and leadership training think-tank for human purpose, passion and potential. We are supported by a network of thought leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries from management consulting to leadership development, human resources, entertainment, brand strategy, and non-profit.