Difference between small grouping, an Ecclesia and an Arc/Embassy

Small groupings either physical or online 

These are small groupings usually who meet to encourage one-another. They can start out without a bench but usually come from a mandate from one or several. Encouraging participation and leaders as facilitators is important. Many find having no agenda or teaching element allows Jesus to be the head more and the needs of the group met more closely.


See one United Ecclesia page to understand what I have seen in heaven.

Some would say they have a bench of 3 , 7 mountains and bench of 7 eventually over those mountains. Can also be governed by a bench of 12 which could be comprising the bench of three the bench of seven and angel of the house and an outside person.

I see the operation in Zion as wider than this and incorporating the four levels of the Ecclesia  as described in one United Ecclesia page. We are seeing the ecclesia is one that meets more in heaven . ( new Jerusalem rev 21)  and metatrons cube are key places).

Apostolic Resource Centre/embassy

It can take many forms depending on the blueprint but often is an information point and a source of mentoring for the heavenly mandate. Can have a wide remit and be online or over a particular region.

I see a picture of 12 main apostolic resource centres and each one inter connecting to ensure a united body.  We are in danger of forming many streams with opposing views without everyone accepting a different aspect will come from different people not all from one or 2 super apostles.

City of refuge

This is a place of heavenly government ( not necessarily a physical city ) where many benches exist exercising and dealing with things in the spiritual realms. People may come together from different domains to form a bench of 7  either spiritually or both spiritually and practically.

Biblical basis for cities of refuge