Developing A Culture of Giving

Bill Brady    11/28/2018

One United Body has developed a culture of honor. 

I see an emerging culture of giving. 

  • I see that buying and selling between believers will be replaced by giving.
  • Faith works by love.
  • Love gives.
  • For God so loved the world that He gave…

The world’s economy is based on

  • buying and selling.
  • lending at interest.

The kingdom of God’s economy is an economy of love.

  • Lending to another believer at no interest.
  • Gladly forgiving the loan if necessary.
  • At which point the no interest loan becomes a gift.
  • The kingdom of God will replace every other kingdom.
  • The kingdom of God’s economy will replace the world’s economy.

Based on a group encounter that I once participated in, I see: 

  • A world-wide network of kingdom small businesses being raised up.
  • Networks of small businesses becoming kingdom commerce.
  • Commerce becoming a national Kingdom economy.
  • This is where we are going.

We give out of love to meet one another’s need.

  • Listen to the prompting of Holy Spirit.
  • We give from hearing a mandate.
  • We give generously not out of compulsion / guilt / duty ( Corinthians)

Love requires that we meet the need of our natural families.

  • Love requires that we meet the need of our heavenly family.
  • Each is to work to meet their own need.
  • Like Jesus and Paul did.
  • No full time staff.

Family makes up the difference if one is unable to work.

  • Or if full time work doesn’t bring in enough.
  • We are to take care of our own widows and orphans.
  • Love requires that we take care of our own.

We don’t believe in full time paid staff being on salary.

  • This is characteristic of the old wineskin.
  • Look where that got us to.
  • We don’t want to go back to doing that again.

We don’t believe in charging for revelation that we have received.

  • It is wrong trading to do so.
  • It opens us up to demonic influence.

We do believe in asking for a donation in return for time spent in working. 

  • Revelation is freely given to us by God.
  • Revelation is to be freely given by us to His people.

It is wrong to restrict revelation to only to those who pay for it.

  • It is not wrong to ask for a donation to cover the work involved in presenting that revelation or packaging that revelation for presentation
  • Especially when that time spent prevents taking on a part time job for pay.
  • It is wrong to require a donation.

Giving is not just of money.

  • It may be of time.
  • It may be of skill.

In all of this the laws of Jerusalem and Zion apply. 

  • The law of Jerusalem law of sowing and reaping.
  • The law of Jerusalem law of abundance.
  • The law of Zion law of trading.

Love gives.

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