Deeper Revelation on Warfare Versus Ruling Above the Enemy 

Higher Ways of Ruling
By Bill Brady

I had a dream many years ago. I was one of several weaponless Boy Scouts in uniform. We were attacked three times from the air by aircraft. Each time we ran and hid from the attack. The dream ended with me saying, “I’m going to join the air force!”

• We can do warfare as an intercessor. I spent many years as a hidden intercessor.

• “Air superiority” fighter aircraft are launched from the ground to control the skies above. This is a picture of intercession.

• We can do warfare in another way. We can grow in authority to ascend into the heavenly places to kill dragons.

• We can grow in authority to a better form of ruling. We can rule from above the skies. We can rule from heavenly places. This would be the equivalent of a space station with the most modern of weapons.

• Kings don’t need to kill dragons. Kings can rule with such authority from a place above the dragon that they can take away the dragon’s authority. It can no longer do any harm. No need to kill it. Jesus encountered a man possessed by a legion of demons. He allowed the legion of demons enter the herd of pigs. He could have done more to the legion of demons. He didn’t.

• We can be led of the Holy Spirit to others with whom we will form benches. Benches rule corporately in heavenly places.

• Kings governing together on a bench can free an ecclesia from mindsets. The ecclesia can be of any size and located either geographically or entirely in heavenly places communicating with one another by the internet.

• I remember functioning as part of a bench. We sent out ripples of freedom. They were like what you would see if you threw a pebble into the center of a pond. We pounded the bottom of our kingly scepters on the area below our heavenly thrones ruling to free an ecclesia from an ungodly mindset. In the spirit, we could see that mindset as stone around the mind of the people. The bench pounded away until the stone crumbled.

• A bench ruling corporately in heavenly places can free the entire universal ecclesia to move further into its destiny. This is a higher way.

• We can grow to the place that we rule from a “positive blueprint”. We may have been ruling for the defeat of a negative. Anything lacking is a negative. Examples would be sickness, poverty, theft, or violence. We can come to the place where we rule the positive. We rule for complete health instead of sickness. We rule for abundant financial supply instead of poverty. We rule for giving instead of theft. We rule for acts of caring instead of acts of violence.

• We can consciously live our daily life by living in both heavenly places and the earth simultaneously. Jesus did. He said, “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.” Jesus said that while He was on the earth, He was also in heaven. We can live our daily life the same way. We can rule in heaven bringing heaven to earth so that those around us can see heaven come to earth.

• Joining the air force as an intercessor is much better than having a uniform with no weapon.

• Ruling from heavenly places as a king is better than being an intercessor.

• Ruling corporately, on a bench in heavenly places, is better than ruling alone as a king on your own mountain.