Dealing Differently with Demons 

Written by Sheri Scott

They get power, position and authority to rule, oppress and torment us WHEN we AGREE to that. We need to come out of agreement with that and whatever we may have believed about demons, the structure of authority etc.

You can do this in court as well, by your ‘choice’ because your choice is not taken from you. You are powerful to choose.

You do not need to battle demons, you need to get close to Jesus so you understand your position ‘in’ Him. Lots of this junk will fall away the more you know him in you and you in him.

We have to be open to have our stuff dealt with in pursuing heavenly realms.
Take everything you have been taught about demons and how they work, or where they get their authority from, and trade it for truth with Jesus.

We can decide we will not fight with them, against them, or engage with them.
We can decide to come out of participation in framing their rulership and authority over us and family with your words and beliefs.

Also we can confess as sin, focusing on them, allowing false importance to come from ‘attack’, submitting to them, exalting them, believing they have more power than you, being victim to them, engaging self-pity, and whatever else you can think of.

You can make a declaration that your source of truth for anything in the unseen realm is Jesus and that you no longer subscribe to the doctrines of demons.

Declare that you no longer subject yourself to false understandings of authority and power. That you are submitted to the ultimate power and authority, above all power and authority, which is Jesus and you are seated with Him in Heavenly places.

Declare You will be led and guided into ALL truth.