Daily Discipling as the Heavenly Blueprint – Moving Away from Weekly Church meetings

Daily Discipling is one of the key changes Yeshua has spoken to us repeatedly to emphasise so we can cope with the sheer flood of revelation.

by Bill Brady, Bench of 3 member for Ecclesia Framework

Why? After Pentecost the new believers met daily house to house. They didn’t go to a church building once a week and pay for its upkeep

  • They met to fellowship.
  • They met to eat.
  • They met to intercede as a king and priest standing in the gap taking responsibility
  • They met to dialog about what the apostles had been revealing
  • As a result new believers were added to them on a daily basis.
  • From this we see that daily discipling is important as it allowed acceleration to get to the point of being very supernatural mature disciples

We meet daily on internet chats and regularly in ascension groups and communicate daily through our Facebook dialogue and heavenly realms support group

  • Because we meet daily we can build very close intermit relationships as we share deeply and not socially , bringing testimonies revelation and profound encounters
  • Large group weekly meetings can become distant and the needs of the individual not met
  • People who haven’t found any other heavenly realms believers locally find us on the internet.
  • Meeting on the internet works well in terms of absorbing the big picture and meeting the point you are at.
  • Meeting on the internet meets  the needs of those at all levels in heavenly realms.
  • Each is able to advance at their own speed and find others at their level.
  • We each find groups meeting at the spiritual age that we operate from (eternity or New Beginnings or Age of Melchizedek).
  • Everyone is free to move on to a higher level group when they are ready.
  • Without this we can get stuck and camp.
  • We are all facilitators and equal partners and equal priests.
  • We are keeping a new wineskin mentality.

We are a better reflection of the truth.

  • That we are the ecclesia. Church is not an accurate meaning of what the Bible describes
  • Our body soul and spirit are the descending New Jerusalem governing and ruling and creating wherever we go
  • That people are more worthy of our time and effort than buildings.
  • That we meet together in heavenly places.
  • That we rule together from heavenly places.

The early believers gathered daily house-to-house in Jerusalem.

We are being gathered into New Jerusalem.

We value fellowship.

  • Fellowship on the internet can be deep.
  • You can find those at your level.
  • You can find those willing to help you go to the next level.
  • There is group dialog.
  • Not just hearing a sermon or a teaching.
  • You can make friends and find an ongoing mentor.
  • You can agree to meet with others to go into heavenly realms together.
  • You can find others with the same king mountains to form benches.
  • You will become a family.

We don’t break physical bread together.

  • A group did have a feast together at Lady Wisdom’s table.
  • A group did have Jesus serve us bread and wine in His room in New Jerusalem.
  • Groups regularly feast on His body and blood at His invitation.
  • It is better to fellowship around heavenly food than around earthly food.

We have deepened the understanding of praying together.

  • Instead we rule together.
  • And we do governmental actions for the entire Universal Ecclesia.
  • We find others that we can eventually bench with which bring great governmental impact

We are getting away from an emphasis on teaching.

  • The higher that we go in heavenly realms the less need there is for teaching as we can discern truth
  • We dialog together though to check out revelation so we still function well as a body
  • This was Jesus’ preferred method.
  • We move into being an oracle calling forth the movement to the New Jerusalem
  • We hear Yeshua through Dialogue or even spontaneous encounters on messenger chat
  • Many talk privately through Facebook phone or speak on chat privately finding groupings that meet where they are at .
  • We encourage if you want a start a group let us know and we can promote another encounter group or you may want to facilitate our tree of life groups

You have access to many resources that will help you to grow individually.

  • You can sign up to have new ascension recordings e-mailed to your inbox.
  • soon you will be able to listen to the audios and meetings of the Tree of Life Dialog and Scroll Groups
  • You have access to many EF web pages that will lead you to encounters.                       EF Web Pages
  • These resources will bring you into heavenly places and your own encounters.

Here are some opportunities to fellowship with others who are on the same path:

Facebook Chat groups flow from beginning / intermediate level in heavenly realms up to Sonship in Eternity.

  • Scroll / Mountain Chat
  • Heavenly Realms Discussion Group
  • Sons Awakening to Sonship for kings and sons

Ascension Groups meet weekly, bi-weekly or every 3 weeks.

  • Arcing Sons every other Monday – jointly with Company of Heaven Dwellers
  • New Heaven and New Earth Lovers weekly on Wednesday – currently exploring New Earth
  • Health Abundantly Encounter every 3 weeks on Fridays
  • Discovery Ascension Bench every 3 weeks
  • Abundance Ascension Bench every 3 weeks
  • Ascension schedules are published every two weeks to EF’s Facebook page which is Heavenly Realms Support Group.
  • Related groups have ascensions that meet at times convenient for those in different time zones around the world including:
  • South Africa, Africa and Europe
  • Australia
  • Brazil

Tree of Life Dialog Groups are 8 weeks each level:

  •  Level One – Relationship and Intimacy
  • Scroll and Mountain Group
  • Kingship Group
  • Beginnings of Sonship Group
  • More information is available at Tree of Life Group

Daily discipling is the purpose behind Ecclesia Framework’s groups.

  • All materials are designed to bring you to living encounters in heavenly realms.
  • Recorded materials have their place and are very helpful.
  • You can encounter as if present with those on the actual ascension.
  • Live meetings are best because of the value of fellowship.
  • You will be with many of the same people as you progress from group to group.
  • They will become family.
  • If you are interested in joining a chat, an ascension or Tree of Life Group please let Bill Brady know.  You can contact him by Facebook Messenger or by e-mail at billbrady633@gmail.com.

The early church met together daily in houses to fellowship, eat, pray and dialog about what the apostles had been teaching.

  • We dialog daily on chat groups, meet for ascensions and listen to recordings.
  • This is good.
  • There is something better.
  • That is benching together around a shared mountain and a shared blueprint.

We become a member of a bench.

  • We move into Responsibility.
  • We fellowship with one another around a work that we are doing together.
  • The work is a reflection of our destiny scrolls having a common area of responsibility.  Meeting by scrolls / mountains
  • This is a deeper form of fellowship.

The deepest form of fellowship is found on a bench of 12.

  • I believe that everyone is meant to be a member of a bench of 12 as 12 is a very governmental model shown to us ( 12 disciples , 12 chancellors houses , 2sets of 12 elders in the bible )
  • A bench of 12 is designed by God to grow its members up into Manifest Sons.
  • Each member is part of the building up of the group, individually and as a group.
  • This is the highest level heavenly realm version of what the early church was doing by meeting daily in houses.