Importance of Restoring our Crowns

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

We need our crowns to be  recognized with authority . The enemy sees what crowns you carry. A crown can be removed by man if we let it . We need to restore those crowns and engage them regularly making sure they are not lost.  God wants us to become Kings and Kings wear crowns.

Crown of rejoicing ( 1 thess 2:19) –

if you do not rejoice you may not  carry this crown.  This could mean you have become religious. Joy is needed to be your strength ( neh 8:10)

Crown of Glory (1 Peter 5:4, Hebrews 2:7, 2:9).

Incorruptible crown (1 cor 9:25)

Crown of the anointing oil (lev 21:12) this is given when we engage God in a relational way.

Crown of life for overcoming Temptations.   James 1:12. Helps restore joy and gives energy.  Given also to those who endure testing to the point of death.  Rev 2:10.

Crown of Righteousness– 2 Tim 4:8- This is received at salvation but the crown can be lost by a willful desire to sin- this crown is restored in the courtrooms ( Zech 3:1- 5)

Negative crowns

Corruptible Crown –  1 Cor 9:25

Crown of Pride – Isaiah 28:1


You cant do what you used to do.

You allow someone to cause you to doubt your ability . Maybe believing something they said or you perceived they believed about you
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