Court of Accusation and Chancellor Court Protocol

We believe these are of a lower age than you can choose to operate from and so encourage you to access other ages now . ( see our page called ages ) . We are learning though how father and us can judge to life and restore or awaken us to our without genealogy status like Jesus who was slain before the creation of the world .

This is my revelation ( Jane Johnson ) in encounters but we honor initial pioneers like Robert Henderson and Ian Clayton for revealing the concepts . We do believe any revelation though does not belong to man but is gods gift to the body

WE ARE NOT CLEANSING FROM SIN IN THE COURTS – then we rule over those verdicts and learn to present a positive blueprint we have seen . We don’t go back in and out for same issue .

BEING REMINDED HOW WE ARE FREE FROM THE LAW IN THE COURTS BUT HOW TO JUDGE TO LIFE like father does ( not Death ) and how wrong trading has enmeshed us in wrong mindsets and real consequences of that W
Audio to reuse going into mobile court – can be reused for any issue by Jane Johnson