Results from Court Cases

My mandates are health and reformation of the Ecclesia

Here are some results of cases I have brought by Jane johnson

Diabetes – saw possible cure in news. Sugar guidelines changed for first time in five years.Malaria – new vaccine released.

Cancer– numerous cures coming forth other than chemo. Genomic cures for tailoring cures for pancreatic breast and colon cancer.

Unity in the body – started hearing agreement about formation of micro churches.

Heard of research that identified a protein to restore a huge range of major illnesses including RA and breast cancer.

Heard of a new breast screening technique.

Heard they were on way to finding complete cure for autoimmune disease.

New CURE of ultrasound for Alzheimer's

Complete healing cure for ONE TYPE OF MS.

Australia –

Released river of life under Uluru, major category of angels, saw river of fire, spirit of independence dealt with and mandating angels over eureka towers and Canberra Parliament House.

Court case for Australia's scroll of great Southland of the Holy Spirit. Saw accusations of lack of faith caused by watering down of faiths from multiculturalism and lack of Christian church changing. She will be alright mentality stopping excellence and looking round the world.

Resonating light from highest point in Melbourne. Mandating angels in main river to forge the river of life through Melbourne.

Positives – A massive Masonic centre is being rebuilt into apartments.

Finances over business appeared.

North America

Did court case coming into agreement with the founding fathers Christian aspirations.

Saw life flowing from Great Lakes.

Released a river of blood meaning life in heartland of America.

Created a new network of business work people to allow Netweaving and restrictions not controlled by hierarchy.

Gathering new life eggs and breaking them open to bud life.

COURT CASES awaiting testimony by Jane johnson.

Fluoride removed from water and cancerous effects understood.

Arthritis causes better understood.

Unity in the body over doctrine and outreach models and agreement of ill health causes.

Issue of poor laws contributing to homelessness in Australia (part Melbourne)


Discipleship (Jan 2016), organic nature of Ecclesia (Feb 2016), preparing priesthood of all believers, no large Ecclesia gathering, understanding of Worship, removal of gnostic accusation. 


SPIRIT OF THE SECOND BORN - not taking responsibility.

SEX trafficking. 

CAUSES AND CURES for Autoimmune diseases, e.g. lupus, RA, ME. 

STUBBORNNESS of man walking his own path and not gods.

FEAR OF DEMONS and spiritual backlash through intercession.

Grip of TRADITIONAL CHURCH and concept you have to be part of a local church. 

DREAM about arsonists destroying things.

WEEDS in church or church myths.

COURT CASES to be prepared.


CONSUMERISM ABOVE CHRIST causing disinterest.

ECCLESIA unlawfully tied to other things.

SPIRIT OF PRIDE in the body of Christ. 

HEALTH ISSUES awaiting evidence.

GM foods. 

BREAST CANCER new screening techniques.

INFLAMATORY bowel diseases.

SUGAR in Australia 

Personal finance result for project to find homes for young people