Corporate New Jerusalem

By Ella Harrison

I understand corporate as one person represents all , so my corporate work as far as joining the Lamb has already been laid out and i’m walking in that. The dimension of every man is alive in a mature manifest son and advances, reaches perfection through us Everyone else that accomplish the same will join that work and walk from there.

The more join the work of the son of God nature and the more will multiply on earth. This is still in restoration mode, and that would be a corporate descending of the NJ.

Incarnation though happens in an individual dimension first and then expressed by a culture.

But in this sense the generations will be set free in one day. One day is 1K years.

The age of the water bearer just started. The water bearer lead the people to the upper room where they enter into the bridal preparation stage of giving their life and join the lamb. The marriage supper of the Lamb is the last supper before becoming one flesh with the nature of God. This is the current dimension/room i’m called (everyone awake is called) to lead the remnant to be hosted into. The room is within man and is the dimension of the heart.

The remnant is the 12 disciples which become the hardened as rock/stone, unshakable foundations of the NJ after passing through the testing and refining of fire.

The upper room part is actually the release of fire in the furnace, as in Daniel in the furnace, the testing of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego will reveal the fourth face of the man in the likeness of God. It is the reaching of wholeness that will allow to be made all in one, once joint with the Lamb. The fourth quadrant of the heart to be completed is actually what’s called the ‘dancing floor’ and represents the move in perfect unison with God. This consolidates the entire dimension of the heart as expression of the four faces as one united block that is the likeness of the son of God.