“Come and See”

Bill Brady   6/12/2018   Updated 1/7/2019

Some of Jesus’ future disciples came to Him for the first time.

  • They asked Jesus, “Where do you dwell?”
  • Full answer = New Jerusalem!
  • Answer with all that they could hear for now = “Come and see.”

At the very beginning of the upward journey there is a call.

  • It is called “Come and See”.
  • We are all invited to respond to this call.
  • When we respond we begin an upward journey to becoming like Jesus!

“Come” = Start moving and don’t stop until you reach the goal of being like Jesus. 

  • In our terms this is, “Don’t camp!”
  • And watch out for the “Stumbling blocks!”
  • Search the OUB website for the words “camp” and “stumbling blocks”.

“See” = Training your 5 spiritual senses.

  • Open your gateways.
  • And learn to live from the progression of See, Receive, Seek to Enter Into, Enter Into, Overcome so that you can Inherit, Possess, Become the fullness of.

The sower goes out to sow seed of the word.

  • That seed enters our heart and causes a conception to take place.
  • In due time there is a birth.
  • Once something is born then you can see it.
  • Once you see it then you can receive it.

Some of our first encounters will be:

  • The River, The Water Falls, The Bridge and Father’s Garden.
  • And the 4 Chambers of the Heart.
  • Opening up your first love gate, writing out a covenant of your commitment to Father (Ketubah)
  • Work on cleansing your spirit, soul and body gates.
  • Work on seeing by taking responsibility and joining with others .
  • You are part of the body of Christ whether you want it or not .
  • They are there for a purpose .

When you are ready to go and discover and explore beyond this then go.

Don’t bypass the step of getting to know Lady Wisdom and her Handmaidens.

  • Take time to cultivate a relationship with each.
  • Do the same with the 7 spirits of God.

Time spent now on the development of these relationships will pay off later.

  • You will avoid many time consuming and painful lessons.
  • You will not have to learn the hard way.
  • You will be able to learn the easy way from those who Father has given to you.
  • They are your trainers and tutors.

Hurrying this stage will cost you.

  • You will experience hardship that could have been avoided.
  • And Father will bring you right back to this same place.
  • So, get it right the first time!

Come and See!