City of Salem

By Bill Brady  5/18/18

City of Salem:

  • The first of the heavenly cities.
  • Prepares us to enter New Jerusalem.

Melchizedek and the Treasury. Then City of Joy which is Eden. Result is that between the two cires you have all 3 strands of Holy Spirit’s DNA: Righteousness, Peace and Joy. Along with Rest. And Unlimited Supply from the Treasury. Makes a really good start for the journey up through 12 cities.

Salem imparts:

  • Peace
  • Rest
  • Righteousness
  • Provision for the journey

Each of us encounters heavenly cities differently.

  • Some of you just need to be pointed in the right direction.
  • Then you will be able to see the city for yourself.
  • Then you will encounter it the city yourself.

Others need to hear someone else’s testimony of encountering the city.

  • Once you hear the testimony then you can see the city.
  • You step through the door of testimony into encounter.

Still others encounter a heavenly city by revelation from the word alone.

  • You will need Bible verses.
  • And an explanation of what the city is about.
  • Then you exercise your faith and experience that city for yourself by faith.

Each of these ways of receiving revelation requires faith.

  • Each requires a different approach to visiting and entering a city.
  • Each will find here what you need to encounter Salem.


 Here is recording of another encounter in the City of Salem and the Treasury.

City of Salem and the Treasury. Thrones of Righteousness and Peace

Here is a recording of an encounter in City of Salem that led to coronation.

Coronation in the City of Salem


If you are able to encounter Salem on your own then just listen to the first part.

  • Let the recording get you to where you can see Salem and turn the recording off.
  • Go from there and have your own encounter of Salem.
  • Then listen to the rest of the recording for more encounter.
  • Turn the recording off each time that you begin to have your own encounter.
  • Later, read the full write up on Salem.

If you need testimony as a door then listen to the whole encounter.

  • Participate in the encounter as if you were there.
  • Then read the write up on Salem.

Here is a write up of another encounter of the City of Salem.

Peace and rest are highlighted in first Salem encounter recording. 

Righteousness, Peace and Provision are highlighted in the second Salem Recording. 

  • Provision is found in the Treasury that Melchizedek is the Chancellor over.
  • Melchizedek is first King of Righteousness and also King of Salem.

There are two thrones here.

  • The throne of Righteousness is in the basement with the Treasury.
  • The Throne of Peace is above in the City of Salem.

We saw that we can sit on both thrones and arc between them.

  • The Throne of Righteousness is in our heart.
  • The Throne of Peace is in our heads.
  • We sit on both thrones and arc between them.
  • The arc brings forth provision which we speak with our mouth.


“Your throne, O God, is forever and ever;

A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.
 You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness;
Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You
With the oil of gladness more than Your companions.”

  • Thanks to Zoe Joy Green for this scripture.

Jesus loves righteousness and hates lawlessness.

  • This love of righteousness and hatred of lawlessness qualified Him.
  • To receive the scepter of His kingdom.
  • This same love and hatred qualified you to receive the scepter of His kingdom.

Righteousness is the opposite of lawlessness.

  • What is lawlessness?
  • It is sin.
  • “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.”
  • What is righteousness?
  • It is the state of not being a sinner.
  • Righteousness is the opposite of sin.

We are justified by faith.

  • Given Jesus’ righteousness by faith.
  • And given the ability to live righteous lives by that same faith.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the ability and desire to live righteous lives.
  • And by faith we chose to live righteous lives.

This is only possible by faith.

  • Both possible and expected.
  • And required to be able to enter in to Zion.
  • Zion is the city above New Jerusalem.

On this journey we come to opportunity after opportunity to overcome.

  • The journey has prepared us to be able to overcome at each opportunity.
  • Overcoming is by both by faith and by choice.

We will have to chose to give up something in order to overcome.

  • We will be asked to give up something that isn’t good for us.
  • In return for something that is good for us.
  • In this way we move into more and more overcoming.

Every time that we chose to overcome we move on victoriously as an overcomer. 

  • We move into more and more living experience of the Godhead.

The other option is to say no to overcoming.

  • It is a very real option.
  • It is our choice.

The journey is all about our continued freewill response to Father’s love for us.

  • By choosing to love Him in return.
  • Father repeatedly asks us to move further away away from Adam’s choice to fall.
  • And closer to Jesus’ choice to be fully one with Father.

Each time that Father asks we have to make a choice.

  • We say “yes” and choose to overcome and then do the overcoming.
  • Or we can say “yes” and not overcome.
  • Or we can say “no”.

If we do anything less than actually overcoming Father will ask again.

  • He already knows how many times it will take before we overcome.
  • I see this like a father holding out his hands to a to a baby who is learning to walk.
  • Father is delighted with each step that we take before we fall down.
  • He encourages us knowing that we will walk when we are ready.

Father is asking you to chose to live righteously by faith by Holy Spirit.

  • Righteousness is both something you have and something that you seek.
  • Seek righteousness from righteousness.  You will find what you seek.
  • “… seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”
  • “Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”
  • Holy Spirit causes us to grow up into righteousness.
  • This is why the city of Peace is also the City of Righteousness.