City Everlasting and Fathering

City Everlasting and Fathering

Bill Brady  Updated 12/3/2018

Upon entering City Everlasting yare coming into union with Jesus as: 

  • Everlasting Life
  • Everlasting Father – This is the entrance into fatherhood.

You take your place as a father.

  • You will beget sons in fulfillment of YVHH’s promise to our father Abraham.

“You are sons of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, ‘And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’”

A group was coronated as everlasting fathers in City Everlasting.

  • Father gave each of us a book that has the name and picture of our sons.
  • Each of us became a bench of 3 with Abraham and Paul.
  • We drank the mixed wine of Abraham and Paul.
  • Father showed us the stars and the sand by the seashore as He did to Abraham.
  • These experiences and this promise are available to every everlasting father.

As an everlasting father you have the ability to impart life to a son.

  • You are a life-giving spirit.
  • You can beget sons into sonship.

Father said these words to His Son, Jesus, “You are My Beloved Son with Whom I am well-pleased.”

  • This is a statement of adoption.
  • When you say these words to someone you are adopting them as a son.
  • You are now their spiritual father and they are your son.
  • You have set your son on a course towards mature sonship.

Father said these words to His Son, Jesus, “You are My Beloved Son.  This day I have begotten you.”

  • These words create mature sonship in a person.
  • You can say these words to your son.
  • You have initiated mature sonship.
  • You have insured that your son will experience death, burial and resurrection.
  • And ascension and coronation as a mature son.
  • And enter into fathering.