Characteristics of Age of New Beginnings/New Heaven and New Earth/Manifest son 

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework – Feb 2017

One of the greatest scriptures that shows the big picture is “ALL CREATION IS GROANING FOR Manifest sons to be revealed.”

Also what are the implications if we take this verse seriously ? John 8:12 Yeshua spoke to them again: “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.”

We must know the times and seasons we are in.

Many are seeing we are in season of bringing new heaven and new earth into creation so that new Jerusalem can come down.( rev 21).  So knowing these characteristics are crucial but we do see a lot in heaven and in scripture.

I see it as gradual transition (NO RAPTURE) depending on response of sons personally (and so what you experience in your own realm and corporately when many have done a lot and moved on opening doors for others so earth and heaven change. Some may have not idea heaven or earth are different for some time as things will require different spiritual ways to access.

Any resonance or alternative rev? These may describe characteristics  of a manifest son.


Rev 22 says we will rule with the godhead age after age

No barrier between heaven and earth

Spirit on the outside of our bodies

Unlimited supply

Unlimited love

No pain

No fear

Can translocate

Can transfigure at will

Ruling over all creation

Co creating ability in line with heavenly blueprint

Oracles speak and immediate change takes place

Work is play

Rest is a way of operating not floating on a cloud

Peace reigns

We see the big picture

We just know each other’s thoughts/spirit (Telepathy)

Holiness/ purity

Unity of purpose

Total union with all in heaven

No marriage between man and women?

All saved? Lost redeemed???

We all see the big picture of gods final purposes

Complete transparency (like new Jerusalem is clear)

Foundation is 12 apostles (rev 21)

Arc with tree of life (Christ ) so we are a tree planted by the source of the river

Complete blueprints for men in white linen and cloud of witnesses

No courts in new heaven

Final blueprint fulfilled

No purification places as all purified, e.g., river of fire (Dan)

No dark cloud

What we create can be changed so creation is like child’s play with no major negative consequences if we create the wrong thing.

Father exposed in full (at the moment there are different levels of exposure and different thrones showing different characteristics of the father and we encounter according to the level of intimacy we can cope with).

No lucifer access in gods garden

No looking for the blueprint as will be obvious

No progressive thrones showing different levels of intimacy (complete rev of father and Jesus)

Restoring us as illuminations

Galactic counsel mandates fulfilled


Unlimited water supply 

Immortality (no death)

No pain

No curses

Lion lie with lamb no animals eating each other

Can walk on water ie have dominion over physical laws

Unlimited supply and abundance (so no need of money ??? Implications for business unsure – maybe we create for fun)

No need of education or media?

See God in every creation like leaves swaying showing rejoicing in gods glory

No need of spiritual fathers ??? We all know the big picture

Unending joy and bliss in life as heaven part of earth.

Can eat physical food but not a requirement (more a choice)

No sex as overshadowing more of a heavenly model?? Maybe producing/creating more than reproducing sexually???

No toil no sweat

No need to breathe and no need of a heart??

Create through thought and light

No marriage so no sex?? All completely fulfilled by gods glory

No need of miracles

No need of a heart to breath (like original adam) so we can have dominion over water

No need of prophecy (gods perfect will will be transparent)

We can recreate if wrong so no consequences of creation

No need of leaders as all will be mature manifest sons capable of operating in the four faces of God

No need of teachers (all will know)

Can read each other’s thoughts (infused knowledge or telepathy)

We will be made perfect without sin so can’t harm or trade on wrong floors

No sun as gods glory lights everything (in rev 22). Seen this in perfection

Reverse scientific principles of earth ??? (e.g., no gravity)