Is there really a large weekly gathering of the Ecclesia?

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of ECCLESIA framework 

Just a brief summary of many points . More biblical analysis in the link at the bottom. 

I saw this in heaven – the new Jerusalem representing the heavenly blueprint of the ECCLESIA , where everyone is constantly morphing and networking . 

Rev 21 – there is no Temple, God and the lamb are the temple.

We are the temple of the holy spirit.

We gather in different contexts not a local fixed take up camp set up with paid pastor and fixed church building where we invest in the infrastructure.

Billions have gone into church buildings instead of investment in discipling and the poor.

Encouraging people to come to a church just doesn’t work anymore – stats declining.

Hard to control strong dominant middle leaders.

Worship is not singing songs but being a living sacrifice.

Teaching is debating not sermons.

Free will gifts is New Testament method not tithing to a local church for them to take responsibility for giving to poor.

Very little about large gatherings is biblical. Even bench of 3 and 7 can abuse authority easily when over people who are members of a church.

More biblical backing in this article