Can We Support your Scroll on Ecclesia Framework Mountains?

We have been given a mandate to set up a governmental hub/apostolic resource centre to facilitate the emergence of a heavenly Ecclesia which we believe will be foundational to transforming the mountains of society which in turn will restore dominion over the earth. Restoring intimacy and Jesus as our first love by learning to engage directly with the trinity in the holy of holies, people finding their scrolls/ calling  and linking  in benches of 3  legislating, are all critical to this.

We believe this will be the emergence of new expressions not run by paid pastors but by facilitators allowing the full expression of gifts and calling of all and building organic quickly reproducible expressions which will use resources from all areas . So we see at the moment it will be a combination of heavenly realms principles, organic church principles and one United body.

We and many others do not sense that this will be remodelling traditional churches predominately but building new wineskins led by ordinary people who know how to multiply their lives.

Our mandate is to:

SCROLLS/Intimacy/RESPONSIBILITY. Develop Summary materials to enable people to understand heavenly realms  revelations, build intimacy and restore their authority  as  Manifest Sons, release their scrolls and start taking responsibility as Kings. Blog post writers and social media posters welcomed.

REMOVE STUMBLING BLOCKS.  Communicate and guard the principles in the Heavenly Ecclesia blueprint document  and alert people to errors or stumbling blocks. Writers and social media posters welcomed. Benches to legislate.

CREATE COMMUNITAS (community with a purpose). See the raising up of ways to connect people  and encourage one on one discipling in the new blueprint who understand multiplication of groups and each other’s lives (not spiritual addition). Discipleship coordinators needed. Coaches needed. Only need to be one step ahead. People to facilitate online chat groups.

DOMINION – Facilitate the connection of people to allow  benches of 3 meeting around a scroll. Contribute to the understanding of good bench workings.

ECCLESIA FORMATION – Train up and provide a community for hub leaders who understand how to prevent the return to traditional church ethos.

PROMOTE ONE UNITED ECCLESIA – Promote  and exhort all aspects of the body not just our own to see one United body and moving away from Denominations and Networks (Evangelists/networkers for heavenly realms needed).

May be around groupings of people like new WINESKIN unity , unity with trad church and new WINESKIN, unity with non Christians , unity within Australia etc for example.

DISCIPLESHIP – Help understand good learning principles to build strong manifest sons of God who can multiple themselves. See the advance of a network of people who know how to disciple others and build the next generation. (We can connect you with many wanting one anothering). We believe in showing people how to go in the courts not taking them in consistently which can  build dependence and immaturity.

Possible values of a new small group

  • Intimacy with God.
  • Replicating “as it is in heaven.”
  • Raising up the new generation through “one anothering.”
  • Legislating in heaven and responsibility on earth.
  • Only doing what we have a mandate for.
  • Love and honour your neighbour as yourself.
  • We are all one body across the world not just one location therefore freedom to access resources elsewhere.
  • Facilitation and Mutual subjection to one another moving away from clergy/laity divide.


Please contact us at the contact page if you want to talk about playing a part. We believe in serving you with deeper understanding as a powerful son not you coming under our ministry or authority. We want to facilitate your scroll. WE DON’T BELIEVE IN VETTING PEOPLE.