BUILDING A NEW MOUNTAIN versus Redeeming an Old Mountain

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework
Honor  Sheri Scott for her part in bringing this page to existence , Ian Clayton for releasing material on ages and everyone in the body of Christ who has done their part for the new wineskin.  

This page may change as more is revealed to us in encounters so do not take it as absolute gospel but check it out for yourself as you are a mature son.


Seeing we don’t redeem an old mountain in the old order . We are then seeing from a lower realm what the blueprint is and restoring lower realm things like poverty problems or government laws but seeing we can release a new heaven and a new earth (rev 21 talks about how new heaven and new earth come before a new Jerusalem is released).

  • Old mountains are seeded corruptly from the history when angels rebelled and that is why we don’t want to redeem them as they are not the full picture

MATURE SONS KNOW THE TIMES AND SEASONS- many who have engaged Heaven for a long period believe we are in very latter days and as such priorities change

IF WE ARE IN LATTER DAYS AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO SHIFT RADICALLY why focus on those small improvements compared to bringing in the new heaven that is our entitlement to live by ?? I see it is like knowing a meteor is going to land on the earth and change everything but we are planning to improve our house and garden . Does that make sense ?

NEW MOUNTAIN IS A NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH which means you start to go higher up Zion to see a positive blueprint eg abundance

We can Look for the BLUEPRINT FROM NEW perspective NOT old earth, e.g., no pain by engaging the new Jerusalem in rev21 See New Heaven New Earth page)

We are then operating from the age of new beginnings and this changes how we govern


seen this is linked with our scroll of destiny and shows us how the ecclesia should operate . There is no temple building here but glass walls and transparency

One new way to get a picture of how to operate is to ARC OVER THE TREE OF LIFE as you are a tree of life (revelation reveals 2 trees of life).

See page “characteristics of the new heaven and new earth to understand what we can expect to live out of individually as we can reside in eternity which is new Heaven . “