BUILDING A NEW MOUNTAIN versus Redeeming an Old Mountain

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework
Honor  Sheri Scott for her part in bringing this page to existence , Ian Clayton for releasing material on ages and everyone in the body of Christ who has done their part for the new wineskin.  

This page may change as more is revealed to us in encounters so do not take it as absolute gospel but check it out for yourself as you are a mature son.

Seeing we don’t redeem an old mountain in the old order but seeing we can release a new heaven and a new earth (rev 21 talks about how new heaven and new earth come before a new Jerusalem is released).

This way we are participating in being co heirs with Christ and Co- creating, truly being manifest sons which all creation is groaning for. We rule from Zion.

You are and become PILLARS (rev 3) so can set in and put them under a mountain you rule on (See Pillars page).

Look for BLUEPRINT FROM NEW perspective NOT old earth, e.g., no pain, (See New Heaven New Earth page)

Engage your angels and men in white linen aligned with your scroll to do things in heaven on your behalf.

RULE FROM ZION (the fathers mountain) more than courts as you move towards operating in the age of REST and new beginnings (rest is still governing but less protocol but more reinforcing the verdict).

Engage Melchizedek and city of Salem (seeing our destiny is connected with engaging Salem first then engage Zion).  Melchizedek helps us become without genealogy so corrupt DNA does not become an issue and we can build bigger things.


EATING SCROLLS so they become part of our DNA.

EATING fruit from the 12 crops of the tree of life (which may be 12 strands of DNA on our breastplate).

We can CLEANSE GATES IN new Jerusalem (which represent different tribes). Saw it a bit like wiping blood over them but taking weaknesses of tribes into court of accusation too.

Release FREQUENCIES from Davids tent and have a throne alongside David. (Manifest sons ask and know what those frequencies mean).

Open EVERLASTING DOORS which establish new values to bring a new heaven and a new earth (See Everlasting Doors page).


ARC OVER THE TREE OF LIFE as you are a tree of life (revelation reveals 2 trees of life).

RELEASE ANGELS and what u did in heaven to the atmosphere of the earth as you are a gate. Also seeing we release LIVING LETTERS as they are building blocks of life.

RELEASING treasury of heaven from city of Salem. (Melchizedek city).

ALIGNING cities of Salem, Zion, new Jerusalem.

BUILDING A NEST in the tree of life.

Calling forth infused knowledge on a mountain so increased understanding without slow communication methods.

CREATING (cultures, cities, planets) through releasing light, becoming a thunder bolt, ruling over star houses, setting our intention in line with a blueprint we see. Naming and part forming (like Adam did with the animals before the fall).

RULING OVER THE 12 STAR HOUSES ( massaroth) in eternity bringing along the  timeline what the original design was . 

See page “characteristics of the new heaven and new earth . “