Building a New Heaven before we can get a NEW EARTH

Written by Jane Johnson ( draft ) august 2017

Can see the areas of new heaven separated into the following categories which we as manifest sons end up having on all our scrolls but deal with them in a greater easier way

  1. Love ,
  2. joy ,
  3. peace
  4. Hope
  5. abundance
  6. unity ,
  7. creating new laws of the universe
  8. complete justice ,
  9. time ,
  10. discovery
  11. Full destiny

Seeing this as how we reframe our scrolls to build a new heaven which is an essential piece to allow the new earth to change

CALLING THE END ( building a new day in Infinity ( IS TO COME)

We cannot build the ‘now’ correctly if we don’t call the end first. The end seals the work and doesn’t allow room for alternate destinies. I see we can create new laws of the universe ( eg like flowers can suddenly multiple at your command)


WAS of God is the place where God dwells outside creation. Then we see that God is preparing a dwelling place in creation, in the New Jerusalem. I perceive the NJ as the finished NOW of God, where He manifests as I AM that I AM. Anytime God speaks of Himself as I AM is because He’s bringing forth the Word that prepares the NOW.

So we have to be present in the WAS of God (Ya Sod) with Him, to be able to speak the correct END before the BEGINNING. When this is done the NOW comes together on it’s own because the Word performs the job according to the circular pattern from beginning to end. ….We are the I AM Word in the Son.


We become the ancient of Days ( Daniel 7:27) that rule over the kingdom like gods with a small g .


Had revelation that as kings we have kingdoms and kingdoms are a collection of cities we build and rule over

Sapphire cube is coming to me big time at the moment to write the rules we establish there with the living letters .

Like the 10 commandments or laws of Zion – we establish how it runs

THINGS I AM CREATING AS EXAMPLES of new rules in earth that are in my city ( NOT NECESSARILY IN THE GENERAL LAWS OF A NEW UNIVERSE ) so some of this may be my new heaven more than a new earth as laws could be different maybe



We can eat anything or not eat

We create our own angels

We can morph appearance

We can create a new day everyday AND VISIT OTHERS CITIES WHICH ARE DIFFERENT

We can multiply anything through thought eg bunch of roses can become a room of roses

No cold or too hot as sun and seasons no longer govern us

We can create whatever weather we want at the time

Nothing we eat damages our health

All work is play so immense strength in our bodies

No cleaning up as there will be no dust but any mess we can just change back

We can fly like eagles seeing from above

We create through thought

Never feel lonely as can find people who want to do whatever you want to do and they are sooo loving

Saw we are to create sections of new earth

Every plant / tree / bird sings praises of god so you are aware constantly of immense love