Benching as a Bench of 3: Entering Ecclesia Age

Benching as a Bench of 3:  Entering Ecclesia Age

by Bill Brady

Here is a teaching / dialog about benching as a bench of 3.

  • Benching as part of a bench of  3 or 12 is entering into the Ecclesia Age.
  • It is moving away from the Old Wineskin into the New Wineskin.

A reminder about spiritual ages:

  • Begins with the age of Enlightenment – one knows that there is a God.
  • Moves to the Church Age –  one is born again and begins to get to know Jesus.
  • Kingdom Age – one begins to rule as a king.
  • Ecclesia Age – one begins to function on a bench.
  • Age of Melchizedek – one begins to function in the four faces of God.

Benching as a Bench of 3