Beginner’s Encounter Group and Self-paced Tree of Life Groups

Beginner’s Encounter Group and Self-paced Tree of Life Groups 

by Bill Brady

We strongly recommend becoming part of a live Tree of Life Group.

  • Your spiritual growth will accelerate by connection with other believers.
  • Jesus will form Benches of 12 out of Tree of Life Groups.
  • Benches of 12 grow themselves up into functioning mature sonship.

We have a self-paced option for doing Tree of Life Group.

  • It is a good option for someone whose schedule doesn’t match current live groups.
  • It is a good option for someone who is preparing to join a live group at a higher level.
  • For example for one preparing to join a Scroll Group.
  • It is a good option when waiting for an opening to join a live TOL Group.

Here are the current self-paced levels.


Currently we are offering Levels 1 – 3 as self-paced and Level 2 and 5 as live groups.

  • Begins week of Sunday February 18th.
  • Contact Bill Brady if interested in Live Level 2 or 5.  Spaces are limited.
  • Live means that you will have facilitators and a live group that meets by Zoom (video conference) at a certain time each week for 8 weeks.
  • Self-paced means that there is no Zoom meeting.  You can take as long as you want to go through the level.
  • Both live and self-paced groups have a Facebook Messenger Chat Group so that you can interact with others.  And ask questions.

Beginner’s Encounter Group

  • Allows you to have your first encounter experiences at an easy level.
  • Will soon include the option to choose one of several encounters available that night.
  • Is currently in a start-up phase.  We are seeking additional facilitators.
  • Expected to officially begin Sunday February 15, 2018 at 7 PM.
  • Goes along with the self-paced Journey Into Intimacy:  TOL Group Level One.
  • Goes along with the Beginner’s Encounter Group Facebook Messenger chat.
  • Please contact Bill Brady to be added to the Beginner’s Encounter Group Facebook Messenger chat group.
  • Click here for information about registering:   Beginner’s Encounter Group Registration    

Next steps for those who have been part of Beginner’s Encounter Group. 

  •  Join a live TOL Group.
  • Move on to intermediate level encounters.

Those with experience in Heavenly Realms will have an opportunity to facilitate.

  • Brief mentoring will be provided to prepare you to facilitate.
  • You can become a facilitator of encounters as part of a Beginner’s Encounter Group.
  • You can become a facilitator for the Beginner’s Encounter Group chat.

Next steps for those who have become facilitators in Beginner’s Encounter Group. 

  • Continue on through the levels of Tree of Life Group.
  • Facilitate spontaneous chat encounters on Group Encounter Chat.
  • Become a facilitator for a Discovery Encounter.
  • Mentor others into becoming facilitators.
  • Become a facilitator of a TOL Group.