Becoming a Facilitator for your own Scroll Group

Becoming a Facilitator for your own Scroll Group

Bill Brady   7/15/18

Everyone is a facilitator once they start facilitating.

  • Best thing that could happen is that a group gets together and facilitates itself.
  • There is one difference between a facilitator and one who isn’t a facilitator.
  • It is that one has taken the leap and started and the other hasn’t yet. 🙂

Listen to the recording of a Scroll Group meeting.

  • You are listening to Donna, Samone and myself doing Scroll Group for the first time.
  • We received what to do and how to do it and did it.
  • Simple as that!

This page came from one of Scroll group’s weeks.

He gives the overall plan = blueprint.

  • He gives the day to day and even moment by moment assignment.
  • This is what He wants you to be doing right now = a mandate.
  • You do that assignment by flowing with Holy Spirit.
  • We did Scroll Group by this very same process.

A blueprint or mandate doesn’t have to be seen in a vision.

  • Much of the time you just know it.
  • One moment you didn’t know.
  • Then you do know.

It can be revealed progressively.

  • Much of the journey is progressive.
  • By which I mean you are given some revelation.
  • When you start actually doing the little that you do know to do then He gives you more to do.
  • You don’t get started you don’t get more.
  • Explains the saying, “God can only steer a moving ship.”

That first week’s recording is something that you can repeat over and over as a group.

  • And, you can then work together in pairs.
  • One facilitates the other.
  • Then you trade places.
  • It’s really good practice for facilitating others into encountering their destinies.

So, both facilitation and “scroll coaching” are waiting for you in this group.

  • If, and only if, you have the faith and courage to jump in and do it.

You can see why I say that is actually better for you that one of our “facilitators” isn’t facilitating you.

  • Each of us is meant to facilitate ourselves on our own personal journey.
  • And to facilitate others into becoming “self-facilitating.”

Here is how to join self-paced scroll group:

For a suggested donation of $15.00 US you can get 3 levels of  Tree of Life Group.

  • Which includes self-paced Scroll Group.
  • All three levels are self-paced.
  • For your own personal journey.
  • Or for discipling or fathering others.

Let us know if you want to do Scroll Group.

  • Or want all 3 self-paced levels of Tree of Life Group which includes Scroll Group.
  • We will send you the material.
  • You make the suggested donation.
  • You go through Scroll Group at your own pace as self-facilitated.