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Example of ascension 

3.10.16 Ecclesia Framework Ascension – Blueprint – 

Entered through Yeshua the door & First Love gateway.

Entangled w/ 7 spirits of God.

We went through a white door, & held hands in unity.

Cathy saw a crisp white hallway w/ doors. She feels we need to go into 2nd hallway – book room.

Jane feels we need to be able to see in that book seen before 

Shaunell remembered that this book was one of revelation.

Cathy saw “revelation” on the binding.

Jeremiah 33:3: Call to Me, & I will tell you great & mighty things you do not know.

Jane feels deeper truth, revelations.

Cathy saw “ecclesia” written @ top of page in pretty big, bold, letters.

Jessica keeps hearing: “Shut the doors, shut the doors to the room we’re in.”

Jessica shut them.

Jessica’s hearing “open our hearts.”

Jane: Do you guys feel ready to look @ the book? In agreement.

Jane: The revelation in this book is just massive. That is huge…I don’t know what it is, but it’s huge.

Sensing we’ll get some revelation on business & family & youth mountains today.

Jessica senses a tuning fork…going out.

Jane’s hearing: Youth want to play, party.

Cathy’s getting: Pillars…strength of building. There’s a foundation, & now pillars are going up…strong…trees – very solid, very strong. She gets a sense of strength.

Jane: Do you know what they are? Apostolic resource centers, or?

Cathy: People

Jane: Not to go after the Christian pastoral leadership, but getting the move of the body of people understanding about the ecclesia…it’s the body’s responsibility to lead this…they’ve gone along w/ delegating responsibility…but that’s not what it should’ve been. They need to take responsibility to understand/take responsibility & authority themselves.

Shaunell: I’m sensing they’re also delegating authority…thinking “oh, that’s for my covering, etc.”

Jessica: Yes

Cathy: I keep on getting strong tower – Proverbs 18:10. The name of the Lord is a strong tower…the righteous shall run to it & be raised up.

Satella: I saw columns as four columns – they appeared to me to be stone & white…but no ceiling on top of it. It was to lay foundation & bring a frame of structure…but it’s open. One of the mindsets that needs to be changed in leadership. Abba wants people to see themselves as the ecclesia…THEN they will take that responsibility…we ARE the ecclesia, temple.

Jessica: It’s almost like the church buildings are holding people back…but THEY ARE the temple, wherever they are…the people.

Jane: That’s what I saw in court of 70 other day when she did the court case other day.

Sattella: I saw what looked like a clear triangle that you could actually see into…inside of it were 7 panels…they all turned @ same time…all of this light began to come through. She sensed that whatever was closed off is now opened…& light is flowing both ways. She saw it twice, 2 different times. Something is opening up, & light is now coming in.

Jane: Going back to that tower, I wonder if we should go in…

Cathy: There’s four? Are they shaped in a rectangle?

Satella: Probably more like a square.

Jane: So I’m just stepping in now. It’s like “people run into the Strong Tower – God.” We’ve got to teach people to teach people to run into Father & Jesus…quantum entangle w/ them. It’s not ecclesia grouping…they rush to step into God, the temple. God IS the temple…Rev. 21. If they can see that shift, they’ll know what to do. @ moment, they’re like “we’ve got to form this new ecclesia…gather around, sing songs, etc.”

Jessica: I saw people looking into themselves, & seeing the kingdom of God that’s in them. Is anyone seeing birds?

Jane: I’ve seen birds many times as representing people of the ecclesia.

Cathy: Saw a bird w/ a little scroll, sending them out.

Jane: Yeah, we can send them out, & mandate angels to release this revelation…messenger angels.

Cathy: I saw it dropping on people’s tongues…kind of like how a bird feeds their young…she saw scrolls dropping on people’s tongues. What would the message say, be?

Satella: To receive the light…all of the sound, frequency, etc. Once they receive the revelation of light that’s coming through those prisms – the light of God shared abroad – an unveiling that will happen over them. Little scrolls in their mouth…once they receive, they receive that revelation.

Jessica: The Lord said it was going to be sweet to their taste.

Cathy: Kind of like blue lights Mike sent out. Huge what Cathy & Satella saw. We’ve got all the massive

Jane’s feeling a strong desire to emit that blue light…hold hands, come into agreement…intensify blue light…

Satella: That went everywhere.

Jane: Seeing a huge release of glory back to the Trinity.

Satella: For business mountain – somehow we have to convey to the people that they ARE the ecclesia…but also, their WORK is what the ecclesia is as well…their work & them are ONE. When the priests served in temple, their work was to minister to Lord HIMSELF. It is that gift you have that’s eminating from you is the ecclesia that you are. Restoring that. We just call it marketplace (mountain). It’s like your work is an extension of your faith.

Jane: Yeah, we’ve gotta restore that understanding. We’ve gotta do something now to restore that understanding.

Shaunell: I saw dandelion puffs/seeds going all around the earth, the globe…

Satella: I just saw them growing up…they just blew. She heard: 100 fold. That was blown on ground that was ready.

Jessica: The reaper’s overtaking the plowman.”

Shaunell: I’m seeing it around the lower part of the earth, the globe.

Satella: That’s because it’s taking seed to be seeded, planted.

Cathy: I saw seeds floating down w/ umbrellas onto cities/skyscrapers…there was nowhere to land…I saw them going down w/ little umbrellas. It was a soft landing, for sure.

Satella: We ought to blow one more time for corporate arena…there are a lot who are ready, they just don’t know what they’re ready for…this will give them strength & courage almost out of arenas to some degree…but come back knowing they are the ecclesia.

Jane: Evangelizing the biz community…the work’s done here.

Cathy: Yes, I totally get that, too…it’s easy w/ Him…it’s in rest.

Blowing again in unity…for corporate.

Shaunell: I saw vertical…heard forcefield, wavelengths.

Cathy: We’re a forcefield, splattering anointing, living water on all of those seedlings. Can we join hands, & kind of go around…start @ N. Pole & work our way down, do sprinkling?

Jane: Yeah, that’s good.

Cathy: Should we firehose it?

Shaunell: I’m seeing like a hose upside down, w/ droplets coming down…raining down gently.

Satella: Yes, I saw that today.

Shaunell: I have the on & off switch.

We all gathered around the hose, & put hands on it…Shaunell was led to switch it on.

Shaunell & Cathy: We saw it as glory water…Shaunell saw gold.

Cathy: It’s refreshing.

Shaunell: I’m seeing a lot of gold.

Jane: Seeds spring up quickly, & form a carpet of grass. Jane sees whole globe covered w/ new seedlings…

Jessica: A carpet.

Cathy: I’m sensing it’s time to turn it off, so

Jane: The seeds are living beings, people. People being restored back to being living beings.

Shaunell: Refreshed, restored, renewed…then word “resurrection.”

Jessica: Shake off the old…old dirt.

Jane: The little seeds of manifest sons of God are starting to arise.

Shaunell: Come out of the grave (3 x’s).

Jane: I’m like engaging the lion…it’s like I’m inside the lion’s face, just roaring over the earth in release of this – whatever it is.

Cathy: That’s why I got “the winds of change.” I think the “roar” is creating a wind…the roar.

We said “arise” inside the mouth of the lion 5 times…

Jane hears: Arise, you sons of God. You will do mighty works.

Jessica: The Son shines upon you.

Jane: That so ties into what I’ve been getting…I’ve been wanting to shout that all week.

Satella: It’s like a transformation that they’re going through.

Jane: Arise, new wineskin.

Satella: Let the youth arise.

Jessica: Let hunger awaken.

Jane: The youth, the youth.

Jane: Repotting…Jesus is taking seedlings out of pots, & putting them into a bigger container…she saw a new wineskin was needed. Needs to be a new format.

Cathy: I feel we need to mandate angels or something to protect new seedlings…some sort of court, or?

Satella: When Jane said “new format” Satella heard “engagement to change.”

Jane: Seeing a greenhouse…to protect from weather.

Cathy: & also, from predators…I also saw a sunlamp, like a heatlamp.

Satella: It’s an environment of safety, where they’re taken care of. The process continues, until they’re ready to be let out, & planted wherever they’re supposed to be. The greenhouse protects them in the process in coming to maturity as sons.

Jane: That safe environment.

Satella: Yes, that safe environment to keep the predators away, or torn down, or stomped on.

Jane: Let’s call the angels to go create those safe environments…safe environments…greenhouses of protection…safe houses.

Cathy: Do we need to go to the court of angels?

Shaunell: I’m sensing there’s a lot of angels assigned to this…

Jane: Is giving assignments. Can anyone see the categories of angels to mandate? Warring, messengers, burning, shining, etc.

Satella: Also want to release the bemelohim, because they need engagement w/ someone in the earth realm. They’re the sons, they look just like us…they need the interaction. To also have the angels of protection. I would also think we would probably loose the seraphims as well, the burning ones…that would keep a barrier between them, & pull them back into the old wineskin, or seek to harm the in anyone. Greenhouse: An environment to protect growth…everything is being done to see that it come to maturity.

Jane: Yeah, I’m definitely getting the burning ones. I just release & mandate those angels. I just release now the sons of god – benelohim. I release the angels of protection, the seraphim, the burning ones. I just release the messenger angels…go & bring forth your message of the right ecclesia, the heavenly blueprint.

Satella: I saw the angels worshiping, but I also saw them showing up in settings of old wineskin, particularly w/ the youth. & justice is mandated, Jane. I’m seeing angels ascending in our midst, & their hearts catching on fire.

Jessica: I see an army marching of the youth, their hunger is arising.

Satella: They’re going to challenge the older ones.

Jessica: Their faces are resolute…they’re charging ahead, firm, & have resolve.

Satella: Like a shockwave.

Jessica: They’re raising their scepters in the air.

Satella: They’re saying “arise, & let us go.”

Jessica: It’s like a war cry…scepters in hands, there’s like a deep passion.

Satella: They’re ready.

Jessica: I see the Lion of Judah trampling the chains of youth…He’s roaring. Freedom!

Jane: Huge victory…I see like a victory flag.

Shaunell: I saw youth waving victory flags