Are there 2 different Adams?

Written by Jane Johnson – Nov 2018

I believe so . Here are some reasons why :-

  • The Adam of Genesis 1 is known by the Hebrews as Adam Kadmon. The Adam of Genesis 2 is known as Adam HaRishon. 2 different creations.
  • We see animals were created after Adam in gen 2 but before in gen 1.
  • How do we account for Cain having children if there was only Cain and Abel?
  • Many accept now that there was a large gap between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. This would account for lucifer SMS reign, the formation of the dinosaurs and the age of those. Plus multiple extinctions of mass species that we know about (e.g., coral and something like one third of the birds).
  • We have multiple types of humanoid bones dating way back before Adam of gen 2.
  • We have bones of giants found all round the earth pre-Adam of Genesis 2.
  • Could the living being gen 1 man have visited lots of planets as a spiritual being when the fall happened with the Adam from gen 2?

Hence explaining how advanced civilisations appeared to come from the sky helping man and being recorded in stone objects??? (this is my sense from encounter)