Activation Into the True Wineskin

Activation Into the True Wineskin

by Bill Brady 2/8/18

This activation is based on an encounter that Jesus gave us.

Jesus taught about the need for the new Wineskin to replace the Old Wineskin.

  • About 2 years ago New Jerusalem gave birth to the True Wineskin on an encounter.
  • A True Wineskin bench was formed for further encounter of the True Wineskin.
  • On one of the last encounters Jesus led us into an experience.
  • He led us through the 4 Chambers of the Heart.
  • Doing so imparted the True Wineskin to those with us for the first time.
  • This activation was created from that encounter.
  • It will impart the True Wineskin to you.

Activation into the True Wineskin:  True Wineskin Activation