Activation for the Scepter of Righteousness

Encountering the Scepter of Righteousness Brenda’s Encounter

Holy Spirit I ascend into Your city of Joy, Peace and Righteousness through the righteous blood of Yeshua….through the Cross…through the. Blood of the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world.

Before me is the Tree of Life with a door. On this side of the door there are receptacles like trash cans. I feel to release any good works from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, accusations against my righteousness in Christ, any and all hindrances and/or lies Holy Spirit reveals into the bin and I see them fall below into s bottomless pit to be burned up forever more. My gates open wide…

The TOL opens its door and I step in. It’s bark surrounds me as a living shield of faith. It’s roots surround my feet, shodding them with peace and they grow up my torso to encircle me as a belt of truth…branches move bend and intertwine forming a breastplate of Righteousness made of living veins supplied from the River of Life….leaves, fruit and branches form into a helmet of salvation…Words of Life flow into a sword in my hand.

I enter into the City of Righteousness to sit on my thrones of righteous, peace and joy…fully clothed according to my original design. I see my TOL armor become internal and rest in the revelation of who I am fills me…infuses me…beautiful trees and gardens spring up around and before me. I am one with My Beloved.

I see myself as a child before me. I observe my own innocence in His garden delighting the love and goodness of Abba…eating fruit from the Tree of Life which moves as I move…leaves fall into my heart as luminous light…angels ascend and descend with scrolls and songs of delight….I continue to observe myself as a child but inside I become ancient and like those of old…fear is banished…my heart beats with joy and becomes strong and bold.

An ancient one walks to me…passing through the child. He is the King of Salem. I engage him to receive my Scepter of Righteousness. Communion is set before us…bread and wine…redeeming the time…before me are the desires of my heart…the longings….angels singing Hosanna, Hosanna…all power and might….weaving me into 3 stranded cords of light…as an eagle I lift my wings to fly above the city’s heights…realms of glory are unfolding…upon mountains high into His nest I arise…canopies of angels…chariots and thrones…city upon city as far as I can see. The Scepter of Righteousness leads me into ABBA’s heart. I soak in His love. I dance with the My Lover King in His heart under His canopy. The stars rejoice. They dance and sing. Creation cries out to me, calling me Beautiful Revealed One.

Here in Father’s Kingdom His breath and my breath are one. In the twinkling of an eye I am changed. Come up here is my forever home. From the pinnacle of Mount Zion With the Scepter of Righteousness love flows and sits as a crown with rivers of life from His throne flowing down. My garden, His garden, Eden, New Jerusalem, All Eternity, All Realms…all that ever was or will ever be fold into the ONE.

Here, I am as a heart of child. I am as old as the Ancient of Days for I have always been in His heart. Hand in hand with Lady Wisdom I walk in His Ways.

Brenda Craig 6/20/2018