Accusations against the Ecclesia that need Judging to Life

March 2018

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework

This is direct revelation I have heard and dealt with governmentally:

  • Taking without giving.
  • Doing the spiritual journey like an adult education course not a living sacrifice giving our all to the journey (forsaking mother father brother sisters).
  • Accepting less than our fullest destiny.
  • Feeling in need that we can’t give (time, testimonies, discipling, fathering)
  • Fear of stepping out of authorisations whereas all promises are yes in Christ (saw most things are valid if done in rest and in our capacity. Our capacity increases as our identity increases and we operate from a higher age).
  • Allowing the soul to dominate So material things count for more than being a mature son.
  • Not honoring other parts of the body as having revelation and only trusting ourselves to get it from God.