Abraham, Tribes, Nations and the 70

Abraham, Tribes, Nations and the 70

By Bill Brady

Abraham had two wives.

Sarah was his first wife.

  • Abraham became 12 tribes and one nation (Israel) through Sarah and son Isaac.
  • Sarah died.
  • So through Sarah he is the father of one nation.

Keturah was his second wife.

  • Through Keturah he became the father of 70 nations.
  • These are Gentile nations.
  • The 70 nations are first listed in Genesis 10.
  • These nations are already natural nations in Gen 10.
  • These 70 came into union with Abraham as their father in Jesus as King (Christ).

Many of us have been asking Father for the nations as our inheritance for years.

  • Ask of Me, and I will give You
    The nations for Your inheritance,
    And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
  • Some were promised this.
  • Some saw it as something granted to you so you asked for it.

Either way, we had revelation of this.

  • We saw it with the eyes of our faith, the faith of our father Abraham.
  • We received that promise.

Your sons are your inheritance.

  • Abraham’s sons are his inheritance.
  • When we into City Everlasting we became fathers.
  • We were given the possession of our inheritance.
  • Our inheritance is our sons.
  • This is our personal inheritance.

Governmentally,  we can take possession of Abraham’s inheritance too.

  • I am one with Abraham as a father and I have done so.
  • You will all come into this too.
  • I am a forerunner in this.

The generations of Gentile sons are now fully possessed as Abraham’s inheritance.

  • Your sons and your generations are now fully possessed as Abraham’s inheritance.
  • This happened when you entered City Everlasting
  • The fullness of the Gentiles will now come in.
  • Come into what?
  • Come into New Jerusalem.
  • “The Spirit and the Bride say. ‘Come!'”
  • The Bride calls all, Jew and Gentile, into oneness with Jesus.
  • Jesus is our Everlasting Father and Head of the Ecclesia.

The key to understanding all of this for me was the council of 70.

  • Several with significant fathering experience heard that they are now seated there.
  • Others will be seated there in the near future.

I began to see the pattern.

  • There is a progression from throne to throne as kings.
  • Becoming more and more united with Jesus as King.

This is also true with becoming progressively united with Jesus as Priest.

  • And  Judge.
  • And Apostle
  • And Prophet.

Saw that some in the Ecclesia have majored in progressing up as judges.

  • We in EF have been concentrating on thrones in heavenly cities.
  • Once we had entered into NJ we entered into corporate governmental actions.
  • As kings sitting on benches of 3 and then 12.
  • I am thinking that Freedom ARC has majored on the heavenly courts?
  • And on presenting cases for the Ecclesia in the council of 70?

It’s all about headship.

  • Jesus is the Head.
  • Fathers are heads.

Abraham is head.

  • Of Israel.
  • Of 70 Gentile nations.

The 12 apostles as heads of Israel were promised that they would sit on 12 thrones.

  • 12 Israeli Apostles judge the 12 tribes of Israel.

70 Gentile fathers / heads sit on the council of 70 and judge the 70 Gentile nations.

  • All Gentile sons have one of those 70 as head.
  • Some of you are likely one of those 70.
  • I am awaiting confirmation of this by the Ecclesia.

Another key to this is that Jane was given the revelation of the 5th city.

  • It is the City of Judgment.
  • I received a massive revelation download one AM after awaking.
  • Saw the whole big picture.
  • Not in detail but in faith.
  • And received by faith the entire pattern of 12 cities for myself and the Ecclesia.
  • I began judging the Ecclesia to life.

Then stepped into the fullness of Jesus’ kingly 12-fold governmental authority.

  • Saw that it was all on my shoulders.
  • Started to function governmentally for the Ecclesia.
  • Became united with Abraham as head and acted governmentally with him.

Result is the fullness of the one new man.

  • All Jew and Gentile sons are one in Abraham.
  • One in Jesus.

All of this coming from the promise that He made to me, “I will do everything for you that I did for Abraham.”

  • This includes Abraham level headship.
  • And the governmental authority that goes with it.

I share this in humility. 

  • Paul said, “What do you have that you haven’t been given?”
  • Answer:  “Nothing!”

John tells us that ..

  • United with Jesus we can do all things.
  • Apart from Him we can do nothing.

I share this so that you can see the size of destiny that we have all been given.