A Tale of Fathers and Sons

June 2018

By Bill Brady

You have entered into a heavenly family, an ecclesia.

  • This is the story of two founding fathers and their sons.
  • Jane Johnson and myself.
  • Jane founded Ecclesia Framework.

She begot me as a father when she spoke a word into me as a seed.

  • She said, “I see you fathering a generation.”
  • That word was born into life in me.
  • I saw myself as a father of generations.
  • I honor Jane as my father.
  • I also received much fathering directly from Father and Jesus as Everlasting Father.
  • We all do.

Jane benched with Joan of Arc and Peter.

  • Together as a bench of 3 they begat and gave birth to Ecclesia Framework.
  • And fathered that ecclesia.

Later Jane asked me to join the bench of 3.

  • With my presence the bench became 4.
  • And became a door.

Jane fathers primarily in discovery and in imparting destiny.

  • This is who she is.
  • Her heavenly name is Destiny.
  • Jane begat you into destiny.
  • She receives revelation by relationship foremost / discovery / encounter.
  • She does this by going ahead of the Ecclesia as a forerunner.
  • And functioning governmentally as a head for the Ecclesia.

I father primarily in the word.

  • This is who I am.
  • I receive revelation from the word.
  • And impart it by the word.
  • I speak .
  • And I write.
  • I function governmentally for the Ecclesia as a head.
  • My heavenly name is John the Beloved Father.
  • I begot you as a son by speaking, “You are my beloved son with whom I am well-pleased.”

Just recently, many others here in this house have entered into fathering.

  • You will too.
  • You become able to impart life.

There are different levels of intimacy with a spiritual father.

  • Some are closer to a father than others.
  • Many in the Ecclesia are fathered at a distance by a father.
  • By listening to their recordings.
  • And reading their writings.
  • By listening to encounters of others in their groups and benches.
  • Learning by observation at a distance.

Some are sons in that father’s house.

  • Some participate on group encounters and dialogs.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Some are on that father’s bench of 12.
  • Think the 12 apostles.
  • 3 are in his inner circle.
  • Think Peter, James and John.

There are different levels of spiritual fathers.

  • This depends on the sphere of a father’s mandate and authority as a father.
  • I see in the end we will realise we all have a mandate for the Universal Ecclesia

All have a mandate for a specific ecclesia.

  • They function for that ecclesia.
  • Each father functions to impart Jesus as the Way, Truth and Life.

Jane and I are partnered together as fathers.

  • Jane functions in discovery by encounter.
  • This is revelation of mysteries by the Spirit.
  • I function in revelation of mysteries by the Word.
  • We are a partnership of two fathers who are one.
  • Arcing to open a window for you to be begotten, born and first seen as a son.
  • We function as a door with Joan of Arc and Peter.
  • Jesus’ 12-fold governmental headship comes into the Ecclesia through that door.

Our sons form benches of 12 that function in a similar manner.

  • They function governmentally in Jesus’ headship as forerunners.
  • They open the way for the Ecclesia to follow.

Together we go ahead of the Ecclesia on the journey that is Jesus as the Way.

  • We function in our headship as fathers to go before the Ecclesia.
  • Just as Jesus went as a forerunner before us into the Holy of Holies as High Priest.
  • This is how a forerunner who is a governmental head of the Ecclesia functions.

We function governmentally to bring the Ecclesia into possession of her authority.

  • Of the 12-fold governmental headship authority of Jesus.
  • As represented in the 12 heavenly cities.

City after city we enter in and are coronated.

  • We come to dwell there.
  • Those dwelling in that city say, “Come!” to those yet to come there.
  • We come into more and more of Jesus’ 12-fold governmental authority.
  • We learn to function in that authority.

We are governmentally opening the way for the Ecclesia to follow us.

  • Other fathers in the Ecclesia are doing the same.
  • Other benches of 12 are doing the same opening the way for the Ecclesia.
  • They are opening the way for the Ecclesia to follow them.
  • The Ecclesia is entering and coming to dwell in city after city.

Some came to Jesus and said, “Rabbi, where are you dwelling?”

  • Jesus said, “Come and see.”
  • The Apostle John saw New Jerusalem coming down.
  • You can see the truth of heavenly cities.
  • When you do see, hear the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

12 cities reveal Jesus’ 12-fold governmental function.

  • 12 cities each with a throne
  • This is the government that is upon His shoulders (Isaiah 9).
  • What is on your shoulders?
  • Your head.
  • 12 cities reveal the 12-fold nature / function of Jesus’ full governmental headship.

You  move into headship when you enter City Everlasting and became fathers.

  • Father = head.
  • He is showing us the full nature and function of that headship.
  • New fathers learn fathering by functioning as a father in their father’s household.

We are all members of our Father’s house.

  • Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places.”
  • Dwelling places are father’s houses.
  • Every house has many benches in it.


We see all houses ideally working as one.

  • It becomes less about the names of those houses.
  • And am I with this house or that one.
  • And all is about Father’s house.

We encourage dialogue with many Apostolic Resource Centers (ARCs).

We invite any form of dialogue and working together.

We especially honor Company of Heaven Dwellers with which we function in unity.