A Journey Into Imparting Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

A Journey Into Imparting Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

By Bill Brady

The time is now.

  • Anyone can now receive Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
  • When you do, you begin journeying on Jesus as the Way.

When you enter into NJ you enter into Jesus as the Truth.

  • Then you journey up from heavenly city to heavenly city.
  • As you do you enter into Jesus as one truth after another.

In Zion you enter into Jesus as the Life.

  • In City Everlasting you enter into Jesus as Everlasting Life and Father.
  • In the City of Light you enter into Jesus as the Light of the World.

You entered into Zion and Jesus as the Life.

  • The life of each city began to enter into you.
  • That life is filling you.
  • It is Jesus’ life that is filling you.
  • You are now united with Him.
  • As the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

  • You now say, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”
  • This statement is now true of you.
  • And becoming more true all of the time as more of His Life fills your life.

Along the way you are progressively able to impart more.

  • More of His  way, truth and life into others.
  • My initial fathering was only in imparting the way to others.

As soon as I received the Holy Spirit I began receiving revelation of the way.

  • My spiritual life as an Abraham faith journey was revealed to me.
  • Revealed as being the same journey as Jesus made.
  • His journey was the same one that the people of Israel made.
  • I was able to impart this by teaching.

I recently realized that I had entered NJ long ago.

  • Long before I came to heavenly realms and then to Ecclesia Framework.
  • I first came into the revelation of NJ by encounter.
  • It was at the end of the first encounter that I ever facilitated.
  • We looked up and there was NJ!
  • On the second encounter the group visited NJ.

Recently we began moving into revelation of Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life

  • As seen in heavenly cities.
  • NJ is Jesus as the Truth.
  • Zion is Jesus as the Life.
  • Everlasting is Jesus as Everlasting Life and Everlasting Father.
  • Light is Jesus as he Light of the World.
  • Judgement is Jesus as Judgement.

We enter into everlasting fathering in City Everlasting.

  • This is a recent revelation.
  • I have been imparting Jesus as the Way and Truth ever since I entered NJ.
  • Recently I began imparting Jesus as the Life.

What does this look like?

  • I initially experienced imparting Jesus as Way and Truth as teaching and prophecy.
  • Since being born again I have always taught.
  • Teaching was all that I knew.
  • Until I received the Holy Spirit.
  • Then I began to flow in prophecy and dreams.
  • That flow revealed the way to me.
  • Then I began revealing that way to others by teaching.

With the beginning of Tree of Life Group we saw that teaching wasn’t enough.

  • Activations are needed to activate people into encounter.
  • Activations begin with an encounter.
  • Then we take the encounter and craft an activation.
  • That activation functions to facilitates others into the same encounter.
  • Then we received revelation that a meeting is best when it included an activation.
  • Later that a meeting is best when it is a combination of encounter and dialog.

On my journey I received revelation of the Way. 

  • Then of the Truth
  • Both from the word.
  • I taught this imparting the way and the truth by teaching.
  • As we journeyed as Tree of Life group I taught less and less.
  • Jane encouraged me in this.

The journey for many has been a string of long encounters.

  • Together they became a long journey.
  • For me the journey was a long string of revelations of the way.
  • From a combination of dreams, prophecies and revelations from the word.

The journey was long and slow for all of us.

  • But we became able to shorten the journey for those coming along the same path.
  • By activating them into encounters.

I entered into Zion and the truth of union with Jesus as the Life.

  • I became able to impart truth.

What does this look like?

  • Truth was initially imparted into us by a long encounter or a long teaching.
  • Then we became able to impart truth by a short activation into a short encounter.
  • Then I became able to impart both revelation of the truth of the truth of the life.
  • By a short sharing of revelation from the word and encounter.
  • This shortened the journey of followers along the path that we have taken.
  • When I entered City Everlasting I soon became able to impart life in the same way.