A First Step Into Discipling / Fathering

Bill Brady  Updated 12/3/2018

It was so significant that I began relating one on one to my first born spiritual son.

  •  This was at Jane’s suggestion.
  • At some point I got a sense that I was to be his father and he was to be my son.
  • So did he.

I didn’t know anywhere near as much as I know now.

  • I didn’t have any experience fathering.
  • Just stepped out by faith when Jane suggested it.
  • We met once a week on Zoom for an hour / hour and a half.
  • And chatted back and forth on a Face Book Messenger chat.
  • I shared what I knew.

Early on we began going on encounters together during our weekly times together.

  • We were given thrones side by side in a throne room with Jesus.
  • We each grew from contact with the other.
  • We functioned as lords and priests for our own families.

There is another spiritual generation journeying on the way.

  • They need one on one fathering.
  • I met with some yesterday.
  • Father would not let me speak the words to adopt them personally.
  • I can’t.
  • My week is full.
  • And my responsibility is gradually shifting to big picture fathering.

I told them about not being allowed to adopt them as my personal sons.

  • And that we have a group of new fathers.
  • And that at some time one of them will adopt them.
  • They understood.
  • And are waiting.

Working one on one with my first born spiritual son changed my life.

  • It caused me to grow personally.
  • Head knowledge became experience.
  • I shared what I knew.
  • And began to learn to say, “I don’t know.”
  • And to encounter together to find answers.
  • Or suggest that he go look for himself.

We grew together.

  • Much of this was at kingship level.
  • And I have a friend for life.

You have entered City Everlasting and become a father.

  • You know more than I did when I first began fathering.
  • You are as ready or more ready than I was.
  • Your heart is turning towards the children.
  • Their heart is waiting for you.

Holy Spirit is running a spiritual adoption agency.

  • He is in the spiritual match-making business.
  • He is bringing fathers and sons together.

This is like the man or woman who wants to marry but hasn’t yet met anyone.

  • Ask Father.
  • Relax.
  • Go out and live and meet some people.

Offer to do some one on one coaching.

  • On a short term basis.
  • With a specific goal.
  • In an area that you are comfortable.
  • If you sense a father / son connection then offer to do a regular weekly one on one.
  • When / if led then adopt them as your son.
  • And journey on together.

Some short-term coaching topics you can dialogue about: 

  • Stumbling blocks
  • Multiplying themselves ( who are they going to mentor )
  • Their scroll and mountains