“You just entered New Jerusalem! What do you do now?” Part 1

“You just entered New Jerusalem (NJ)! What do you do now?”

Bill Brady   Updated   11/29/2018

Many are finding themselves quickly entering New Jerusalem (NJ).

  • This is a wonderful experience!
  • It may leave you wondering where you are on your journey?
  • And what is next?
  • Read on for some answers!

We are each on a personal faith journey on the way to mature sonship.

  • Your journey began long before you came to One United Body (OUB).
  • When you came here you found that you are not journeying alone.
  • You are part of an heavenly family that is on the same journey.
  • We call that family the Ecclesia which is the universal body of Christ.
  • EF is an ecclesia that is part of the larger Universal Ecclesia.

We all journey from lord to king to son to mature son.

  • You are now a beginning son.
  • And a maturing king.
  • You have several stages of sonship before you.

We all go up the mountain and then up from heavenly city to heavenly city.

  • You are now seated on your lord and king thrones.
  • You are also seated on the throne on top of Mount Zion.
  • You will soon be exploring the heavenly cities of Salem and Zion.

Visiting NJ and entering NJ are different experiences.

  • We can visit many times.
  • Entering is a one-time experience.
  • It includes a triumphal entry, being given a room to dwell / abide in and a coronation.
  • If you haven’t had a coronation, then you have likely visited, but not yet entered.

You will experience a new Oneness with the Godhead and with the Ecclesia. 

  • You began your journey with just you following Jesus along the path.
  • You will become fully One with Him, with your Father and with Holy Spirit.
  • You will become one with the Universal Ecclesia.
  • This is a baptism into unity.
  • It happens in NJ.
  • Then you travel on towards Oneness in ruling with Him as one Ecclesia.

You have some learning how to rule to do. 

  • Learning how to rule and legislate as a lord.
  • Learning how to rule and legislate as a king.
  • Learning how to rule and legislate from Mount Zion.
  • Here is an Activation for your lord, kings and Mount Zion Throne:  Throne Activations
  • This will help you to learn how to rule and govern from here in New Jerusalem.
  • Most importantly, begin a relationship with Lady Wisdom and the 7 spirits of God.
  • They will train and tutor you.
  • This mini course includes activations for Lady Wisdom and the 7 spirits of God How to Reign as a King

You have a destiny in Jesus to learn about.

  • Your destiny scroll / book will continually reveal your unfolding destiny to you.
  • You will learn how to engage it daily.
  • Your king mountains include responsibility for others and authority with it.
  • You will have them revealed to you.

Your life is no longer just about you and your own family.

  •  Yes.  You have a continuing responsibility for your own life and for your family.
  • Now you have a new responsibility for others, and especially, for the Ecclesia.
  • Find your connection to your destined part of the Ecclesia.
  • This page will help you.  You are meant to be connected.

Begin to take responsibility.

  • Interact with your brothers and sisters on OUB’s chat groups.
  • It’s just a small step from interacting on a chat to facilitating other’s journey on a chat.
  • It’s just a small step from being facilitated in an encounter to facilitating others.
  • You may say, “But I don’t know enough.”
  • None of us do.
  • And all of us do.
  • It’s not about knowing enough.
  • It’s about being willing.
  • It’s about loving others and being willing to be taught by God.
  • They need someone to show them the beginning steps that you have already taken.

Make it a lifestyle to share a testimony of everything that you experience.

  • Give away all that you receive.
  • Others will go through your testimony of experience to their own experience.
  • This is because you are a door.
  • And your testimony is a door.

Others will experience what you have experienced.

  • And you will be accelerated into more experiences.
  • He who is faithful with what He has been given will be given more.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • Always!

Learn to facilitate beginner’s encounters.

  • Do this out of love.
  • Do this because you know that it will be fun.
  • And good for you.
  • He who is faithful with what He has been given will be given more.

Always ask questions!

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