You (yes, you) Are Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

You (yes, you) Are Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

Everyone is Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

  • Facilitation is as fundamental and basic as breathing!
  • And learning to walk!

Facilitation is spiritual walking! 

  • Every newborn begins to explore the world around them.
  • Learning to explore heavenly realms is self-facilitation.
  • Facilitation is learning to walk.
  • You facilitate yourself into encounters with God.
  • And you quickly begin sharing your discoveries with others.
  • This is testimony.
  • It is also facilitation.
  • We are all meant to bring others into encounters with the living God!

Here is a partial list of beginner’s encounters:

  • The River
  • Your Garden
  • The 4 Chambers of the Heart
  • The Tree of Life

Everyone is already a facilitator.

  • If you are a mother or a father, then you are a facilitator.
  • If you were an older brother or sister, then you are a facilitator.
  • If you have a job, then you are a facilitator.
  • Of customers
  • Or of fellow employees that you have shown how to do the job that you do.
  • A facilitator is simply someone who shows someone else how to do something.

Every believer is meant to be a facilitator of encounters.

  • There are basic experiences with God that every believer has.
  • We call experiences with God an encounter.
  • You had an encounter when you were born again.
  • You have had many encounters since then.

You facilitate someone into an encounter when you show them how to have an experience with God.

  • There are certain basic experiences with God that every believer is meant to have.
  • Every believer can show someone else how to have those experiences.
  • Every believer can lead someone else into these experiences.
  • Every believer can facilitate encounters.

 In the past we have thought of these kinds of skills as pastoral.

  • They were skills that a pastor has and a congregation receives from the pastor.
  • This is old wineskin thinking.
  • We didn’t use the word “facilitate”.
  • We used the word “ministry”.
  • These skills were part of the “ministry” of pastors.

In this day all believers are kings and priests.

  • We can all “facilitate”.
  • We can all facilitate certain basic “encounters” / experiences.

I picture us like heavenly realms beginner’s encounter tour guides.

  • Each of us will become comfortable with facilitating a beginner’s level encounter.
  • Each will also learn to take beginners on a standard list of beginner’s encounters.

In this day of harvest every believer is meant to be able to facilitate encounters.

  • It is not a skill just for the few.
  • It is a skill for all.
  • Get rid of anything that remains in your thinking from the old wineskin.
  • Let go any thinking about “ministry”.
  • And begin thinking about “facilitation”.
  • Let go of ministry as being something that the few do.
  • Chose to facilitate as something that everyone does.

Every believer is meant to be able to facilitate a standard list of encounters.

  • Everyone new to group encounters will experience these beginning encounters.
  • Every believer can lead other believers into each of these beginning encounters.


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