Engaging Your Scroll of Destiny (TOL Group Level Two)

Engaging Your Scroll of Destiny (TOL Group Level Two)

by Bill Brady

This page has the pre-meeting materials and recordings for the first Scroll Group whcih was then called Tree of Life Scroll Group One.

It also has pre-meeting materials and recordings for our recent Fathering Scrol Group offered in August of 2018.

This is meant to allow you to participate in Tree of Life Group Level Three if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join a live group.

  • We highly recommend that you join a live group.
  • The experience of living ecclesia is essential to your growth.
  • The January Scroll Level Two Group experienced a crowning as a bench of 12, Triumphal Entry into the City of Zion and entry into Manifest Sonship!


Plan for Tree of Life Scroll Group:

Tree of Life Scroll (TOL) Group One Level One

1) Understand that you have a Destiny Scroll.
2) Understand the function of your destiny scroll.
3) Encounter your destiny scroll in a group encounter.
4) Learn to Scroll Coach.
5) Scroll Coach someone.
6) Understand the functions of Blueprints, Mandates and Flowing.
7) Understand how to receive Blueprints and Mandates.
😎 Understand how to flow in walking out the Mandates that you receive.<<<<
counter the Tapestry in the Tapestry Room in a group encounter.

Honor one another. We have personal and corporate encounters in heavenly places.<



The plan for TREE OF LIFE SCROLL GROUP Level One flowed from relationship and encounter. During our weekly meetings we will be together in heavenly places in a group encounter.

There will be four weeks of Level One. A four-week Level Two is planned.<

The overall purpose of Level One is that you will engage your own destiny scroll. There will be two corporate Destiny Scroll encounters. Also, each Scroll Group member will be scroll coached one-on-one on Zoom by one of the facilitators.

An additional purpose is that each Scroll Group Member will have an opportunity to begin scroll coaching others. Level Two will give further training and opportunities to coach others.


Thursday December 7th at 4 PM EST – Week 1<<<<
Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll

PRE-MEETING PREPARATION: 1) Respond to the question, “How does intimacy with God relate to encountering your Destiny Scroll?”

Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll” Recorded PowerPoint presentation – Bill<<<<
Group Destiny Scroll Encounter – Donna<<<<
Testimonies, Questions and Answers – Samone<<<<
Introduction to Week Two – Samone<<<<
Continue to encounter your Destiny Scroll daily / regularly.

Week One Meeting Recording:  Scroll Group Week One Meeting<

the plan for Week Two: Plan for Week Two<<<<
Posted this to the group before the week two meeting:

Countdown from 10 to Oneness Encounter<<<<
Tonight’s New Heaven New Earth Lovers ascension shows the place that we, as the Ecclesia, are in right now. The bench of 12 had to come into unity before it was launched as a spaceship. I see that the unity came into being when we as a bench counted down from 10 to one. We came into unity as we counted down together. The count of one is when the oneness came into being. Then we were launched.<<<<
The Ecclesia has been in a phase of being gathered into oneness of full unity in Christ phase. We have now become one. We have been launched into a phase of preparation for ruling as one manifest son phase. This will be followed by a ruling as one manifest son gathering all of creation into one.<<<<
Fullness of the gospel includes Christ raised, resurrected and ruling. It includes us as one united Ecclesia co-crucified, co-resurrected and co-ruling. It is the fullness of this aspect of the one united manifest son coming into the fullness of co-ruling that we are to co-build towards now.<

What does this mean for each of you?

There is a blueprint. We have each chosen to love Jesus who is the Master Builder. He is building according to this blueprint. He is gathering His Ecclesia individually into oneness with Himself. In doing this He is gathering us into a oneness with one another. He is asking of each of us that we take our personal foot of the brake and allow Him to do this. He is gently drawing us with cords of love.<<<<
ide to yield to His drawing. Let Him draw you into this oneness. Join the corporate countdown to oneness. You will then be launched with the united Ecclesia.

Week Two Meeting Recording:  Meeting Two Recording<<<<
Plan for Week Three:  Plan for Week Three<<<<
Planned to have a group destiny scroll encounter.  It turned out to be a group destiny scroll encounter of our mountains.

Week Three Meeting Recording:  Meeting Three Recording<<<<
Week Four Meeting Recording is not included here as it included personal destiny scroll encounters.


Fathering Scroll Group from August 2018:

Our first meeting is tomorrow at 1 – 2:30 PM EST.

Purpose is to encounter your own scroll and to prepare to be able to help others to encounter their scrolls.

Pre-meeting preparation

Password is Two

At some point you’ll want to become familiar with the pages listed in the beginning of this. Here are some pages on scrolls:
Finding what is on your scroll
Myths about finding your scroll / calling / mountains
Importance of meeting by scrolls / mountains
Why finding our scrolls and working in benches really matters
How can men in white linen help us with our calling?
The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

These pages can be given to others to assist them in understanding about their own scrolls.

For tomorrow please listen to the first part of this: Scroll Group One Week One Meeting

Have always regretted the first frame photo of the video that ended up being the title page. 🙂

Pls listen to the presentation about scrolls of destiny.

Much of the rest of the recording is a recording of a live group scroll faciltation session. If you want to watch this you could. Not required.

During our time together tomorrow we will: 1) Have a group encounter with our own individual destiny scrolls and 2) dialog about the group destiny scroll encounter.

Then I would like for anyone interested to have an opportunity to work as a team of two to facilitate a volunteer into encountering their destiny scroll. The 3 of you could work together in a separate Zoom room for 10 – 15 minutes and get your first experience of scroll coaching. Then we can all get back together and share about how that went.

Week One Meeting

On Thursday we ran out of time before we could dialog about your first experience of facilitating others into engaging their scroll.

I don’t always model this well myself, but the idea is to facilitate as opposed to prophesying or even interpretting. It’s best if the person that you are facilitating does the sensing and interpretting of what they sense. They tell what they are sensing / seeing / hearing etc. You help them to keep the flow going. Help them with interpretation of what they are encountering.

If the encounter stops you help them to find what they have desire to engage and the flow will resume.

Remind them that they can ask questions. They will receive answers. We have learned the value of a precise and well asked question from Jane Johnson.

Preparation for Week Two Meeting

Plan for this week: Prepare for our meeting by listening to the initial presentation on blueprint, mandate and flow. It is posted above as Preparation for Week Two meeting. You don’t need to listen to it all.

Week Two • Listen to the presentation Blueprints, Mandates and flow before the meeting.
• Dialog about presentation the at start of meeting
• Encounter the Scroll Chancellor’s House – receive scrolls and blueprints. 30 minutes.
• Dialog about the encounter
• Two 2 on 1 facilitations of a scroll encounter with a volunteer who has not been facilitated before. 30 minutes
• Dialog about the scroll facilitations.

Don’t allow yourself to get worried about the practice. Seat of rest, right?! (This is not school. This is family. :))

Week Two Meeting

Plan for Week Three:

Plan for tomorrw: 1) We do a thrones activation together including our lord thrones, mountain thrones and Mt Zion thrones. 2) Dialog about the thrones activation. 3) Practice amongst ourselves facilitasing each other into a scroll encounter. 4) Dialog

Week 3 recording

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