Tree of Life Group

Tree of Life Group

by Bill Brady

The purpose of Tree of Life Group (TOL Group) is to facilitate your journey towards manifest sonship.

  • TOL Group is an open door.
  • You can go through that door to enter into manifest sonship.
  • Jesus Himself placed the open door to manifest sonship in Tree of Life Group.

The goal of Tree of Life Group is a crowning together as a bench of 12 that will grow itself up into manifest sonship.

  • A TOL Scroll Group was the first group to experience a crowning as a bench of 12.
  • This occurred mid-January of 2018.
  • This was not around common elements of destiny.
  • The next week they experienced a triumphal entry into City of Zion and a crowning there on a throne.
  • This was a corporate entering into manifest sonship.
  • God told me that this group is a prototype.
  • This means that every other TOL Group is meant to follow into the same experience.


  • Each level is 8 weeks long.
  • Each Group is an ecclesia which quickly becomes a family.
  • Each Group journeys together through the various levels.
  • Level One is for beginners in heavenly realms.  It is a journey into increased intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • Level Two is Scroll Group.  This is a journey into destiny.
  • Level Three is a journey into kingship.  You will begin a relationship with Lady Wisdom and be equipped to begin discipling others.
  • Level Four is a journey into manifest sonship and will help you to avoid stumbling blocks that can keep you from moving into fully functioning manifest sonship.
  • Level five is a journey into sonship.
  • Further levels will be developed one by one.
  • Self-paced levels are available for those unable to join at scheduled times.
  • A Journey Into Intimacy (TOL Group Level 1)
  • A Journey Into Destiny (TOL Group Level 2)
  • A Journey Into Kingship (TOL Group Level 3)
  • Self-paced levels will also be good for those preparing to join TOL Group for the first time at a level other than Level One.
  • For information on how to register please see See this page to register


  • Facilitators move into facilitation by first observing experienced facilitators.
  • They then practice facilitation skills in the groups under the supervision of the facilitators.


  • I see TOL Group as facilitating its members (each group is an ecclesia) into manifest sonship and moving them into responsibility.
  • It is our desire to prepare you to facilitate a Tree of Life Group of your own.
  • We are convinced that this is an easy way for you to be fruitful and multiply yourself.
  • We want to assist you to fulfill the command to go into all of the world and make disciples.
  • Our vision is that TOL Group will go to the nations.
  • We are especially interested in facilitating those who will bring TOL Group to different languages and time zones.
  • Please contact Bill Brady if interested in being mentored to facilitate a TOL Group .

Bill Brady, Donna Irizarry and Samone Jones are the bench of three for Tree of Life Group.

  • We  have developed the existing TOLDG and TOL Scroll Group programs and are working on further development.
  • Bill Brady is administrating TOL Group.
  • Please contact Bill Brady if you desire to trade into Tree of Life Group.
  • When you do so you are trading into manifest sonship.

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life Group

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to find out how I may join one of your groups and the cost! Any additional info about that would be great!



    On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 6:03 PM, Ecclesia Framework wrote:

    > Bill Brady posted: “Tree of Life Group by Bill Brady The purpose of Tree > of Life Group (TOL Group) is to facilitate your journey towards manifest > sonship. TOL Group is an open door. You can go through that door to enter > into manifest sonship. Jesus Himself pl” >

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  2. Karen, We have several levels of self-paced tree of life group with an associated chat. Info can be found by searching in Ecclesia Framework website by “TOL Group” The pages that come up with the word “Outline” give suggested donations and an outline of what is covered in each level. Please contact me by Facebook Messenger with any further questions.


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