“You just entered New Jerusalem! What do you do now?” Part 1

“You just entered New Jerusalem (NJ)! What do you do now?”

Bill Brady   Updated   11/29/2018

Many are finding themselves quickly entering New Jerusalem (NJ).

  • This is a wonderful experience!
  • It may leave you wondering where you are on your journey?
  • And what is next?
  • Read on for some answers!

We are each on a personal faith journey on the way to mature sonship.

  • Your journey began long before you came to One United Body (OUB).
  • When you came here you found that you are not journeying alone.
  • You are part of an heavenly family that is on the same journey.
  • We call that family the Ecclesia which is the universal body of Christ.
  • EF is an ecclesia that is part of the larger Universal Ecclesia.

We all journey from lord to king to son to mature son.

  • You are now a beginning son.
  • And a maturing king.
  • You have several stages of sonship before you.

We all go up the mountain and then up from heavenly city to heavenly city.

  • You are now seated on your lord and king thrones.
  • You are also seated on the throne on top of Mount Zion.
  • You will soon be exploring the heavenly cities of Salem and Zion.

Visiting NJ and entering NJ are different experiences.

  • We can visit many times.
  • Entering is a one-time experience.
  • It includes a triumphal entry, being given a room to dwell / abide in and a coronation.
  • If you haven’t had a coronation, then you have likely visited, but not yet entered.

You will experience a new Oneness with the Godhead and with the Ecclesia. 

  • You began your journey with just you following Jesus along the path.
  • You will become fully One with Him, with your Father and with Holy Spirit.
  • You will become one with the Universal Ecclesia.
  • This is a baptism into unity.
  • It happens in NJ.
  • Then you travel on towards Oneness in ruling with Him as one Ecclesia.

You have some learning how to rule to do. 

  • Learning how to rule and legislate as a lord.
  • Learning how to rule and legislate as a king.
  • Learning how to rule and legislate from Mount Zion.
  • Here is an Activation for your lord, kings and Mount Zion Throne:  Throne Activations
  • This will help you to learn how to rule and govern from here in New Jerusalem.
  • Most importantly, begin a relationship with Lady Wisdom and the 7 spirits of God.
  • They will train and tutor you.
  • This mini course includes activations for Lady Wisdom and the 7 spirits of God How to Reign as a King

You have a destiny in Jesus to learn about.

  • Your destiny scroll / book will continually reveal your unfolding destiny to you.
  • You will learn how to engage it daily.
  • Your king mountains include responsibility for others and authority with it.
  • You will have them revealed to you.

Your life is no longer just about you and your own family.

  •  Yes.  You have a continuing responsibility for your own life and for your family.
  • Now you have a new responsibility for others, and especially, for the Ecclesia.
  • Find your connection to your destined part of the Ecclesia.
  • This page will help you.  You are meant to be connected.

Begin to take responsibility.

  • Interact with your brothers and sisters on OUB’s chat groups.
  • It’s just a small step from interacting on a chat to facilitating other’s journey on a chat.
  • It’s just a small step from being facilitated in an encounter to facilitating others.
  • You may say, “But I don’t know enough.”
  • None of us do.
  • And all of us do.
  • It’s not about knowing enough.
  • It’s about being willing.
  • It’s about loving others and being willing to be taught by God.
  • They need someone to show them the beginning steps that you have already taken.

Make it a lifestyle to share a testimony of everything that you experience.

  • Give away all that you receive.
  • Others will go through your testimony of experience to their own experience.
  • This is because you are a door.
  • And your testimony is a door.

Others will experience what you have experienced.

  • And you will be accelerated into more experiences.
  • He who is faithful with what He has been given will be given more.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • Always!

Learn to facilitate beginner’s encounters.

  • Do this out of love.
  • Do this because you know that it will be fun.
  • And good for you.
  • He who is faithful with what He has been given will be given more.

Always ask questions!

You (yes, you) Are Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

You (yes, you) Are Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

Everyone is Meant to Facilitate Encounters!

  • Facilitation is as fundamental and basic as breathing!
  • And learning to walk!

Facilitation is spiritual walking! 

  • Every newborn begins to explore the world around them.
  • Learning to explore heavenly realms is self-facilitation.
  • Facilitation is learning to walk.
  • You facilitate yourself into encounters with God.
  • And you quickly begin sharing your discoveries with others.
  • This is testimony.
  • It is also facilitation.
  • We are all meant to bring others into encounters with the living God!

Here is a partial list of beginner’s encounters:

  • The River
  • Your Garden
  • The 4 Chambers of the Heart
  • The Tree of Life

Everyone is already a facilitator.

  • If you are a mother or a father, then you are a facilitator.
  • If you were an older brother or sister, then you are a facilitator.
  • If you have a job, then you are a facilitator.
  • Of customers
  • Or of fellow employees that you have shown how to do the job that you do.
  • A facilitator is simply someone who shows someone else how to do something.

Every believer is meant to be a facilitator of encounters.

  • There are basic experiences with God that every believer has.
  • We call experiences with God an encounter.
  • You had an encounter when you were born again.
  • You have had many encounters since then.

You facilitate someone into an encounter when you show them how to have an experience with God.

  • There are certain basic experiences with God that every believer is meant to have.
  • Every believer can show someone else how to have those experiences.
  • Every believer can lead someone else into these experiences.
  • Every believer can facilitate encounters.

 In the past we have thought of these kinds of skills as pastoral.

  • They were skills that a pastor has and a congregation receives from the pastor.
  • This is old wineskin thinking.
  • We didn’t use the word “facilitate”.
  • We used the word “ministry”.
  • These skills were part of the “ministry” of pastors.

In this day all believers are kings and priests.

  • We can all “facilitate”.
  • We can all facilitate certain basic “encounters” / experiences.

I picture us like heavenly realms beginner’s encounter tour guides.

  • Each of us will become comfortable with facilitating a beginner’s level encounter.
  • Each will also learn to take beginners on a standard list of beginner’s encounters.

In this day of harvest every believer is meant to be able to facilitate encounters.

  • It is not a skill just for the few.
  • It is a skill for all.
  • Get rid of anything that remains in your thinking from the old wineskin.
  • Let go any thinking about “ministry”.
  • And begin thinking about “facilitation”.
  • Let go of ministry as being something that the few do.
  • Chose to facilitate as something that everyone does.

Every believer is meant to be able to facilitate a standard list of encounters.

  • Everyone new to group encounters will experience these beginning encounters.
  • Every believer can lead other believers into each of these beginning encounters.


The Three Separations to Mature Sonship Part 3: Self Ego

The Three Separations to Mature Sonship Part 3

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

You have done a lot of dying.

  • I should clarify, it’s a dying to.
  • You died once with Jesus.
  • This happened when you were baptized.
  • Death is a separation.

Three Separations

First separation is from sin.

  • It is a separation from dead works and to living works.
  • Believe that you have been separated from dead works to living works.
  • And you experience the separation.
  • It is faith in Jesus’ work for you on the cross.

Second separation is from self-government.

  • Jesus is our King.
  • Until we are separated from our self-government we remain king.
  • Again, it is by faith in having died with Him on the cross.

The third separation is from self.

  • Until this happens we have a record of our past.
  • And live from that record of a sense of who we have been.
  • Until then we are a reflection of both who we are in Jesus.
  • And who we have always been.
  • We believe to this final separation.
  • And then we are only who we are in Christ.
  • We still have memory of our past but that person is no longer in our present.

The Bible doesn’t use a word for self or ego.

  • It simply uses the word “I”.
  • Used in a way that is clearly full of self in a negative way.

The word “I” either contains humility or pride.

  • It contains self-exaltation.
  • Or the humility that comes before God exalts us..
  • We have this idea in mind when we say that someone is “full of himself.”
  • This is the “I” that Satan used when he said “I will” about becoming like God.
  • This is the “I” that Adam and Eve first spoke after the fall.
  • This the “I” that has the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as its source.
  • These two “Is” are seen in Paul’s statement,

“I am crucified with Christ and I no longer live.”

  • Paul’s proud “I” died.
  • He was separated from that “I”.
  • His humble “I” remained.
  • This is the “I” that has the Tree of Life as its source.
  • This is the “I” that remains.

Untethering and Tethering

  • This is an untethering from the old and a tethering to the new.
  • I think of Spiderman web-shooting his way over a city street.
  • He shoots  a web to the new building ahead of him.
  • Then he releases his web from the old building behind him.
  • By doing this he swings above the street from building to building.

The full process of separation involves three rounds of untethering and tethering.

  • We untether from our proud old creation “I”.
  • We tether to our humble new creation “I”.
  • Only our new creation “I” remains.

This will be experienced as a series of mandates.

  • You will flow with each of these mandates.
  • Until you reach a full and final separation.   

The Three Separations of Sonship Part 2: Self-Government

The Three Separations of Sonship Part 2

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

The first separation is separation from dead works. 

  • This was explained in Part 1.
  • We experience these three separations by faith.
  • We believe.
  • Jesus has died so that we can experience them.
  • Holy Spirit does a work in us that allows us to experience 3 separations.

God’s timing is involved with each separation.

  • So, relax and believe and allow Him to bring you to each in His time.
  • He does the work that is needed in order for it to happen in our experience.
  • We cooperate with the work that He is doing.
  • We experience this process as mandate and flow.
  • The three separations themselves are part of the blueprint for Manifest sonship.
  • They are on our destiny scroll / in our destiny book.

The irony of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is that He died a week later.

  • We, too, along with Jesus, will experience the separation of death in this city.
  • We are a new creation and are alive in Christ.
  • We do not die to what we have newly become.
  • We die to what we were and experience being separated from it.
  • We die to the old and live to the new.

Remember the stone angel that needed to be separated from the stone around it?

  • We die to all that is not angel.
  • We die to the old that has come with us into our new life.
  • Our first dying is to our own works.
  • We enter into His rest.
  • We enter New Jerusalem.
  • We still have two more things to die to.
  • We have two more things to be separated from.
  • We have two more rests to come to.

We will believe to experience each of these separations.

  • The second separation will be from our self-government.
  • There can only be one King.
  • Before we were born again we were our own king.
  • After we were born again Jesus became our king.
  • But we were still also our own king too.
  • Father will separate us from being our own king.
  • He will separate us from our self-kingship.

We will be separated from one last thing. 

  • The third and final separation is separation from self.
  • It is a death to ego.

Paul said of himself,

“I have been crucified with Christ;  it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me;  and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”

What was Paul saying? 

  • When Jesus died I died with Him.
  • I (the new creation I) have been separated from the old creation I.
  • Jesus lives in me.
  • I don’t say or do things on my own any longer.
  • I have been separated from doing things on my own.
  • Now I do things by believing and doing those things with Jesus.
  • Paul was saying that he had been separated from self-works and from self.
  • This was by Paul’s faith in what Jesus had done for him and was doing with him.

When we are separated from self then we have fully left behind our old life.

  • We enter into full sonship.
  • At this point we enter the city of Zion.
  • We are now Sons.
  • We sit down on this throne.
  • We co-rule with Him in all the fullness of His ruling.

This is the big picture.

  • Desire to be separated from your self-works, from self-government and from self.
  • Come to rest.
  • Live each day from rest.
  • Take joy in the journey.
  • One step at a time.
  • And one day, when it is time, you will experience each of these separations.

The Three Separations of Sonship Part 3

The Three Separations of Sonship Part 1: Separation from Dead Works

The Three Separations of Sonship Part One

Bill Brady   Edited 11/28/2018

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;  old things have passed away;  behold, all things have become new.”

A sculptor was asked how he was able to carve an angel out of a block of stone. 

  • The sculptor said, “It’s easy.  I just carve away everything that’s not angel.”
  • The sculptor separated the angel from all of the stone surrounding it.
  • This left just angel.

When we are born again we are like that stone angel.

  • We are a new creation inside an old creation.
  • We are a new creation needing to be separated from our old creation.

We still need to be separated from three things.

  • We need to be separated from the way that we have always done things.
  • We need to be separated from being in charge of our own life.
  • We need to be separated from a sense of self.
  • That is separate from our experience of oneness with God.

We need to be separated from the way that we have always done things. 

  • Without faith it is impossible to please God.
  • Anything that we say or do that is not like God won’t please Him.
  • Anything that we say or do on our own apart from Him won’t please God.

The Bible calls things that we say or do “works”. 

  • We are to stop saying or doing anything on our own.
  • How can we do this?
  • We can try to stop doing things on our own by doing something about it.
  • But then, that is doing something on our own to try to stop doing things on our own.
  • There is a better way.

“For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.”

  • God created the heavens and the earth is six days.
  • On the 7th day God rested from all His works. 

We come to rest from our works by entering into His 7th day rest from His works.

  • The works that we are to turn away from are any works that we do on our own.
  • As opposed to works that we do with Him.

Anything that we do or say apart from God does not have His life in it.

  • God is alive.
  • He is living.
  • What He does has His life in it.
  • God only does living works.
  • Anything that we do apart from God is a dead work.

Works that we do with God are living works.

  • They come from the flow of Holy Spirit.
  • They also reflect our blueprint which is our destiny scroll.
  • They are works of co-building with the Master Builder of the universe who is Jesus.
  • And of flowing with the Holy Spirit.
  • They are living works because Jesus is the Life.
  • They are living works because Holy Spirit is the River of Life.

We are told, “Labor to enter into this rest.”

  • We work to enter rest from our own works.
  • And we come to enter His rest.
  • How can we work to enter rest from our own works?

Jesus was once asked a question about this.

“What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?”

  •  Here is Jesus’ answer.

“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

  • The work that we do to come to rest from our own works is the work of faith.
  • It is the work of believing in Jesus’ work for us on the cross.

We can experience coming to rest from works that we do on our own.

  • It is a being set free from doing and saying things on our own.
  • It is a separation from doing and saying things on our own.

Death is a separation. 

  • When a person dies they are separated from the living.
  • The person who has died is separated from their body.
  • We know that this is only a temporary separation.

We need to be separated from doing and saying things on our own.  

  • The Good News is that we already have been separated.
  • We were separated when Jesus was separated.
  • We died when Jesus died.
  • We died once with Jesus when He died.

“Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death?”

  • We were baptized with Jesus when He was baptized.

“…one Lord, one faith, one baptism…”

  • We became one with Jesus in this one death when we were baptized.
  • Now we know this truth.

We can simply chose to believe it.

  • Sin is doing anything apart from faith.
  • Believe that you have already been separated from sin.
  • When you believe you experience a separation.
  • You are now free from sin.
  • You enter into God’s rest.

Once we enter into God’s rest then we can enter into New Jerusalem.

  • We can visit New Jerusalem many times before we enter into it.
  • Entering in this sense is not the time that we first visit.

Think of Jesus.

  • He visited Jerusalem many times.
  • Jesus entered Jerusalem the week before His crucifixion.
  • His entering in as the acknowledged Christ.
  • It was His Triumphal Entry.

Our own triumphal entry into New Jerusalem is the end of us being our own king.

  • Up until then we had two kings:  ourselves and Jesus.
  • Now we have one King.
  • During our triumphal entry there will be a crowd cheering us on.
  • We now enter into the beginning of our sonship.

This is one of the key steps on the way up to NJ.

  • You can step into this by the word as I have here on this page.
  • And / or you can step into it by encountering the 9 fire stones.
  • Let them do their work of preparing you for NJ.
  • Brings increase in fruit of the Spirit.

Love is the fulfillment of the law.

  • And a result of the work of the Holy Spirit in out lives.
  • Love does no injury to another.

Perfect love casts out all fear.

  • And is complete separation from dead works.
  • The more that we are filled with love the more living works flow out of us.

Separation from dead works is also living from the tree of life.

  • It allows for a full flow of life.
  • Any work that we do that is from a flow of life is a living work.

The Three Separations of Sonship Part Two



Kingship (TOL Group Level Three)

Kingship (TOL Group Level Three)

This is meant to allow you to participate in Tree of Life Group Level Three if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join a live group.

  • We highly recommend that you join a live group.
  • The experience of living ecclesia is essential to your growth.

This is for TOL Group Level Three.  At the time that it was recorded it was called Level Two.

Schedule that reflects what actually happened in the meetings:

Facilitators:  Bill Brady and Eric Rachal

Co-facilitator:  Patience Yorke-Hagen


1)      Continue to Frame Your Morning

2)      Come under the tutoring of the 7 Spirits of God and establish a relationship with Wisdom and her 7 Handmaidens

3)      Begin legislating from your lord and king mountains.

4)      Understand your kingship and begin to rule as a king.

5)      Understand benches and bench with Lady Wisdom and the spirit of Understanding.  Understand how to form a bench with your men in white linen.

6)      Learn how to relate with your men in white linen.

7)      Begin relating with Melchizedek.  Make your first visit to the City of Salem.

8)      Understand Chancellorship.

9)      Have a basic Understanding of the courts above the Chancellor’s Court level.

10)   Understand how to form a Facebook Messenger Chat Group.

11)   Understand how to use Zoom and UTube to record a Zoom meeting, audio or video and upload it to UTube.

12)   Begin facilitating Zoom and Facebook Messenger Chat ascensions.

13)   Understand what kings David and Solomon show us about our kingship.  Begin to function in that under

Listen to Audio:  Introduction to TOLDG Level Two  Intro to Kingship TOL Group

October 1st – Week 1


1) Review Framing Your Morning

2) Introduce the “Flowchart of Progression in Heavenly Realms”.

3) Introduce “Moving from Lords to Kings”.

4) Determine where you are in the progression from lord to king.

5) Introduce the Tree of Life.


1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to TOLDG Level Two / Introduction to Week One.”                  Recording:   Recording

2) Read “Framing Your Morning”.  This is a review.  Framing Your Morning                        3) Read “Flowchart of Progression in Heavenly “Realms” Flowchart                                         4) Come to the Meeting with one Testimony and one Question on “Flowchart of Progression in Heavenly Realms”.                                                                                                                                                   5) Read “Moving from Lord to King”.   https://growingpeopleframework.wordpress.com/moving-from-lord-to-king/                         6) Come to the Meeting with one Testimony and one Question on “Moving From Lord to King”.                                                                                                                                                     7) Determine where you currently are in the progression and set your desire on sonship.  8) Listen to Audio “Introduction to the Tree of Life” Audio and “Greater Understanding of the Tree of Life” Audio.                                                                                                                         9) Read “My Journey of Living Out of the River of Life Arching as a Tree”  My journey


1) Review Framing Your Morning by going through the flow of Framing Your Morning.    2) Testimonies / Questions on Flowchart of Progression in Heavenly Realms.                         3) Testimonies / Questions on Moving from Lord to King.                                                             4) Introduce the Concept of Ages.  Concept of Ages                                                                         5) Corporate Ascension to Tree of Life (TOL). Emphasize importance of asking questions of God.  When you ask the right question then you will receive the right answer.                  6) Introduce Week Two.

Week One Meeting Recording:  Week One Meeting


1) Continue to progress from lord to king and set your desire on sonship.                               2) Continue to progress from age to age or even skip an age.  Desire to reign in the City of Zion.                                                                                                                                                           3) Continue to Frame Your Morning each day.                                                                                4) Ascend to the Tree of Life regularly.

October 8th – Week 2


1) Begin relating to Wisdom and her 7 Handmaidens                                                                                                                                               2) Review the Court of Accusation as replaced by Judging in Your Own Court                       3) Review Courts of Scribes, Angels and War.


1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Week Two.”  Intro to Week Two                                          2) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Wisdom” Intro to Wisdom and read “The Wisdom Section of Proverbs”  Wisdom in Proverbs.                                                                                   3) Read the 7 Handmaidens of Wisdom portion of “7 Spirits in the Bible and Handmaidens of Wisdom”.    7 spirits of God, Wisdom and 7 Handmaidens                            4) Listen to “Lower Courts” Audio. I am calling the Courts of Accusation, Scribes, Angels and War “the Lower Courts” to distinguish them from the other courts which I am calling “the Higher Courts”.   Courts                                                                                                   5) Review how the lower courts work together.  Read “Court of Accusation and Chancellor’s Court Protocol.   Court of Accusation


1) Guided Ascension to Wisdom’s Heights and Banquet                                                               2) Activation Exercise for Wisdom’s 7 Handmaidens                                                                     3) Testimonies / Questions about Wisdom and Her 7 Handmaidens                                           4) Introduce Week Three                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Group Week Two Meeting Recording:  Week Two Meeting Recording


1)      Continue to develop your relationship with Wisdom and her 7 Handmaidens.

October 15th – Week 3
1) Begin relating to the 7 spirits of God and being tutored by them.                                       2) Request that Wisdom Guide You in Ruling as a King.                                                             3) Learn How to Identify Your King Mountains.                                                                           4) Learn How to Relate to MIWL and How Identifying Your MIWL Help to Identify your King Mountains.                                                                                                                                  5) Learn How to Legislate and Rule as a Lord and as a King. (Omitted in Meeting.)
1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Week Three.” Recording: Intro to week Three                2) Read 7 spirits of God portion of 7 spirits of God                                                                       3) Listen to “7 spirits of God Activation” Recording: 7 spirits of God Activation                    4) Listen to “Kingship” Audio Kingship    and “By Me Kings Rule” Audio Recording  By Me Kings Rule                                                                                                                                                5) Read “How Can Men in White Linen Help Us with Our Calling? Men In White Linen    6) Read Moving From Praying and Warfare to Legislating
7) Listen to Week Three Meeting recording from Level Two #1. Encounter with Solomon. Encounter with Solomon

1) a) Do Group Activation “Entangling”. l b) “Let Wisdom Enter Your Heart” Activation – Patience. Activation based on Proverbs 2:1.
2) Testimonies and Questions about Kingship and Wisdom for Ruling.
3) Testimonies and Questions about Men in White Linen and King Mountains.


1)      Continue to be tutored by the 7 spirits of God.                                                                       2)      Continue to seek Wisdom for ruling as a King.                                                              3)      Continue to seek understanding of your King Mountains.                                               4)      Consider becoming part of our Arising Sons Chat.

October 22nd – Week 4


1) Introduction to Benches of 3, 7 and 12.                                                                                         2) Learn How to Form a Bench of 3.                                                                                                   3) Form a Bench with Your MIWL (if ready to do so).                                                                   4) Learn the Differences Between the Ecclesia Age and the Church Age.                                   5) Choose to Transition to the Ecclesia Age.

PRE-SESSION PREPARATION:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Week Four: An “Introduction to Benches and the Ecclesia Age” Intro                                                                                                                                  2) Read:   Culture of Heaven                                                                                                                 3) Read “Final Benches Summary”  Final Benches Summary.                                                      4) Listen to the various audios on “Overall Benches Document” Overall Benches Document                                                                                                                                                 5) Read “Bench of Three”.    Benches of 3.                                                                                       6) Read: Weekly Meetings?


1)      Two bench activations.                                                                                                                2)      Testimonies and Questions About Benches.                                                                     3)      Testimonies and Questions about Forming a bench of 3.                                                     4)      Testimonies and Questions about Transitioning from Church Age to Ecclesia Age. 5)      Introduce Week Five.

Recording of Week Four:  Week Four Meeting

First part of meeting was not recorded due to a technical issue.


1)      Continue to Choose to Function on Benches.                                                                     2)      Continue to Choose to Transition from Church Age to Ecclesia Age and Beyond.  3)      Continue to Ascend Personally to the Tree of Life.


October 29th – Week 5

The Five Estates  / Introduction to Melchizedek / Salem / The Golden Mountain / Melchizedek Ascension in the Meeting

Objectives for Sunday

October 29,2017

1.) Estates                                                                                                                                              2.) Melchizedek Activation                                                                                                                    3.) Communion                                                                                                                                       4.) Mini- Teaching                                                                                                                                   5.) Salem/ Gold Mountain Activation

Meeting Recording:  Week Five Meeting  (Beginning of meeting was not recorded.)

November 5th – Week 6


1) Introduction to Chancellorship.                                                                                                      2) Introduction to the Higher Courts.                                                                                                 3) How to Set Up Messenger Groups for Discipling                                                                         4) An Introduction to Zoom for Discipling.


1) 1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Week Six” Recording  Audio Intro Week 6                       2) Read  Intro to 12 Chancellor’s Houses                                                                                            3) Listen to Audio “An Introduction to the 12 Chancellors Houses.” Recording    Intro to 12 Chancellor’s Houses                                                                                                                          4) Read  No weekly meetings                                                                                                               5) Listen to Audio “A King at Work in the Courts of the Lord:  An Interview with Kim Borders”.   A King at Work in the Courts                                                                                           6) Listen to Audio “Setting Up Messenger Groups for Discipling.”  Messenger for Discipling                                                                                                                                                  7) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Zoom for Discipling”.  Zoom for Discipling


1)      Testimonies and Questions About the 12 Chancellors Houses.                                   2)      Testimonies and Questions about the Higher Courts.                                                     3)      Live Zoom Training.                                                                                                                     4)     Demonstrate Zoom live so that they can see the features that are only visible when there are two or more attendees.                                                                                                  5)      Questions and Answers About the Use of Messenger and Zoom for Discipling.     6)      Introduce Week Seven.                                                                                                               Meeting Week Six  Week Six Meeting


1)      Begin to Use Messenger for Discipling.                                                                            2)      Begin to Use Zoom for Discipling.

November 12th – Week 7 – Kings David and Solomon as a Patterns for Our Kingship / Zoom Training B / Ascension Facilitation Guidelines / Practice Chat Ascensions during Meeting and during following week.


1) Kings David and Solomon as a Patterns for Our Kingship:  Building His House and Our House.                                                                                                                                                       2) A Continuation of Zoom for Recording and Utube for Publishing.                                          3) Ascension Facilitation Guidelines: Takeoff, Flight and Landing                                              4) Introduction to Chat Ascensions

PRE-SESSION PREPARATION:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1) 1) Listen to Audio “Introduction to Week Seven”  Intro Week Seven                                          2) “David and Solomon as a Pattern for Our Kingship:  Building His House and Our House”  His House and Our House                                                                                                     3) Listen to Audio, “How to Upload a Zoom Video to UTube”  Upload Zoom Video to UTube                                                                                                                                                      4) Listen to Audio, “Ascension Facilitation Guidelines: Takeoff, Flight and Landing” Ascension Guidelines                                                                                                                           5) View video, “Facilitating A Chat Ascension”  Fascilitating a Chat Ascension


1)      Testimonies about Ascension Facilitation Guidelines.                                                         2)      Facilitate a brief Chat Ascension during the Meeting to Drink Solomon’s wine in the wine room.                                                                                                                                             3)      Live Zoom Training on how to Record on Zoom and How to Upload an Audio or a Video to UTube.                                                                                                                                       4)      Testimonies and Questions about Messenger, Zoom and UTube for Discipling.             5)      Testimonies and Questions about “David and Solomon as a Pattern for Our Kingship:  Building His House and Our House” 1 Chronicles 29.                                         6)      Introduce Week Eight and start each thinking about facilitating a chat and Zoom ascension during the next week.                                                                                                       Meeting Recording  Week Seven Meeting


1)      Continue to Use Messenger, Zoom and Utube for Discipling.                                       2)      Continue to Ascend on Messenger Chat.                                                                           3)      Practice Your Ascension Facilitation Skills

November 19th – Week 8 – Positioned for Greatness / Facilitate a chat and Zoom ascension / Strengths and Weaknesses of the 12 Tribes / TOLDG Bench of 3 Blueprint Ascension / Introduce TOLDG Level 3


1) Understand that the kingdoms of this earth have been given to us as kings.  We are to become “the kings of the earth”.                                                                                                         2) Receive mandates as “kings of the earth” and begin forming appropriate benches of three.                                                                                                                                                         3) Facilitate both a Messenger chat ascension and a Zoom ascension during the week before the meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PRE-SESSION PREPARATION:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1) 1) Listen to Audio, “Kings Positioned for Greatness”.  Kings Positioned for Greatness           2) Listen for any mandates as a king positioned for greatness.                                                    3) Come to the meeting with testimonies and questions on “Kings Positioned for Greatness” and kingly mandates received.                                                                                       4) Facilitate one chat and one Zoom ascension during the week before the meeting.  This can be done with relatives or friends.  Or you can arrange with others in this group to do this together.  I will check in with everyone early in the week to make sure that everyone has a plan.                                                                                                                                               5) Come to the meeting with testimonies and questions on facilitating chat and Zoom ascensions.


1)       Testimonies and questions on Kings Positioned for Greatness and any mandates received including mandates to form benches of three.                                                      2)       Patience testimony on creating cities and what the Lord said about one of her cities.

3)    Sharing of TOLDG Bench of 3 Blueprint ascension.                                                                 4)    Patience revealed how Reuben and water related to this.  Crowning.                             5)   Testimonies about revelation received because of participation in TOLDG Level Two. 6)   Introduce TOLDG Level Three. (Bill)

Week 8 Meeting Recording  Week Eight Meeting


1)      Accept Responsibility as mandated and as found on your Book of Destiny.             2)      Continue to Use Messenger, Zoom and UTube for Discipling.                                             3)      Form a bench of three when mandated.                                                                            4)      Rule as a king.                                                                                                                          5)      Continue to entangle with Lady Wisdom and her handmaidens and the 7 spirits of God.




Engaging Your Scroll of Destiny (TOL Group Level Two)

Engaging Your Scroll of Destiny (TOL Group Level Two)

by Bill Brady

This page has the pre-meeting materials and recordings for the first Scroll Group whcih was then called Tree of Life Scroll Group One.

It also has pre-meeting materials and recordings for our recent Fathering Scrol Group offered in August of 2018.

This is meant to allow you to participate in Tree of Life Group Level Three if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join a live group.

  • We highly recommend that you join a live group.
  • The experience of living ecclesia is essential to your growth.
  • The January Scroll Level Two Group experienced a crowning as a bench of 12, Triumphal Entry into the City of Zion and entry into Manifest Sonship!


Plan for Tree of Life Scroll Group:

Tree of Life Scroll (TOL) Group One Level One

1) Understand that you have a Destiny Scroll.
2) Understand the function of your destiny scroll.
3) Encounter your destiny scroll in a group encounter.
4) Learn to Scroll Coach.
5) Scroll Coach someone.
6) Understand the functions of Blueprints, Mandates and Flowing.
7) Understand how to receive Blueprints and Mandates.
😎 Understand how to flow in walking out the Mandates that you receive.<<<<
counter the Tapestry in the Tapestry Room in a group encounter.

Honor one another. We have personal and corporate encounters in heavenly places.<



The plan for TREE OF LIFE SCROLL GROUP Level One flowed from relationship and encounter. During our weekly meetings we will be together in heavenly places in a group encounter.

There will be four weeks of Level One. A four-week Level Two is planned.<

The overall purpose of Level One is that you will engage your own destiny scroll. There will be two corporate Destiny Scroll encounters. Also, each Scroll Group member will be scroll coached one-on-one on Zoom by one of the facilitators.

An additional purpose is that each Scroll Group Member will have an opportunity to begin scroll coaching others. Level Two will give further training and opportunities to coach others.


Thursday December 7th at 4 PM EST – Week 1<<<<
Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll

PRE-MEETING PREPARATION: 1) Respond to the question, “How does intimacy with God relate to encountering your Destiny Scroll?”

Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll” Recorded PowerPoint presentation – Bill<<<<
Group Destiny Scroll Encounter – Donna<<<<
Testimonies, Questions and Answers – Samone<<<<
Introduction to Week Two – Samone<<<<
Continue to encounter your Destiny Scroll daily / regularly.

Week One Meeting Recording:  Scroll Group Week One Meeting<

the plan for Week Two: Plan for Week Two<<<<
Posted this to the group before the week two meeting:

Countdown from 10 to Oneness Encounter<<<<
Tonight’s New Heaven New Earth Lovers ascension shows the place that we, as the Ecclesia, are in right now. The bench of 12 had to come into unity before it was launched as a spaceship. I see that the unity came into being when we as a bench counted down from 10 to one. We came into unity as we counted down together. The count of one is when the oneness came into being. Then we were launched.<<<<
The Ecclesia has been in a phase of being gathered into oneness of full unity in Christ phase. We have now become one. We have been launched into a phase of preparation for ruling as one manifest son phase. This will be followed by a ruling as one manifest son gathering all of creation into one.<<<<
Fullness of the gospel includes Christ raised, resurrected and ruling. It includes us as one united Ecclesia co-crucified, co-resurrected and co-ruling. It is the fullness of this aspect of the one united manifest son coming into the fullness of co-ruling that we are to co-build towards now.<

What does this mean for each of you?

There is a blueprint. We have each chosen to love Jesus who is the Master Builder. He is building according to this blueprint. He is gathering His Ecclesia individually into oneness with Himself. In doing this He is gathering us into a oneness with one another. He is asking of each of us that we take our personal foot of the brake and allow Him to do this. He is gently drawing us with cords of love.<<<<
ide to yield to His drawing. Let Him draw you into this oneness. Join the corporate countdown to oneness. You will then be launched with the united Ecclesia.

Week Two Meeting Recording:  Meeting Two Recording<<<<
Plan for Week Three:  Plan for Week Three<<<<
Planned to have a group destiny scroll encounter.  It turned out to be a group destiny scroll encounter of our mountains.

Week Three Meeting Recording:  Meeting Three Recording<<<<
Week Four Meeting Recording is not included here as it included personal destiny scroll encounters.


Fathering Scroll Group from August 2018:

Our first meeting is tomorrow at 1 – 2:30 PM EST.

Purpose is to encounter your own scroll and to prepare to be able to help others to encounter their scrolls.

Pre-meeting preparation

Password is Two

At some point you’ll want to become familiar with the pages listed in the beginning of this. Here are some pages on scrolls:
Finding what is on your scroll
Myths about finding your scroll / calling / mountains
Importance of meeting by scrolls / mountains
Why finding our scrolls and working in benches really matters
How can men in white linen help us with our calling?
The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

These pages can be given to others to assist them in understanding about their own scrolls.

For tomorrow please listen to the first part of this: Scroll Group One Week One Meeting

Have always regretted the first frame photo of the video that ended up being the title page. 🙂

Pls listen to the presentation about scrolls of destiny.

Much of the rest of the recording is a recording of a live group scroll faciltation session. If you want to watch this you could. Not required.

During our time together tomorrow we will: 1) Have a group encounter with our own individual destiny scrolls and 2) dialog about the group destiny scroll encounter.

Then I would like for anyone interested to have an opportunity to work as a team of two to facilitate a volunteer into encountering their destiny scroll. The 3 of you could work together in a separate Zoom room for 10 – 15 minutes and get your first experience of scroll coaching. Then we can all get back together and share about how that went.

Week One Meeting

On Thursday we ran out of time before we could dialog about your first experience of facilitating others into engaging their scroll.

I don’t always model this well myself, but the idea is to facilitate as opposed to prophesying or even interpretting. It’s best if the person that you are facilitating does the sensing and interpretting of what they sense. They tell what they are sensing / seeing / hearing etc. You help them to keep the flow going. Help them with interpretation of what they are encountering.

If the encounter stops you help them to find what they have desire to engage and the flow will resume.

Remind them that they can ask questions. They will receive answers. We have learned the value of a precise and well asked question from Jane Johnson.

Preparation for Week Two Meeting

Plan for this week: Prepare for our meeting by listening to the initial presentation on blueprint, mandate and flow. It is posted above as Preparation for Week Two meeting. You don’t need to listen to it all.

Week Two • Listen to the presentation Blueprints, Mandates and flow before the meeting.
• Dialog about presentation the at start of meeting
• Encounter the Scroll Chancellor’s House – receive scrolls and blueprints. 30 minutes.
• Dialog about the encounter
• Two 2 on 1 facilitations of a scroll encounter with a volunteer who has not been facilitated before. 30 minutes
• Dialog about the scroll facilitations.

Don’t allow yourself to get worried about the practice. Seat of rest, right?! (This is not school. This is family. :))

Week Two Meeting

Plan for Week Three:

Plan for tomorrw: 1) We do a thrones activation together including our lord thrones, mountain thrones and Mt Zion thrones. 2) Dialog about the thrones activation. 3) Practice amongst ourselves facilitasing each other into a scroll encounter. 4) Dialog

Week 3 recording

Tree of Life Group

Tree of Life Group

by Bill Brady

The purpose of Tree of Life Group (TOL Group) is to facilitate your journey towards manifest sonship.

  • TOL Group is an open door.
  • You can go through that door to enter into manifest sonship.
  • Jesus Himself placed the open door to manifest sonship in Tree of Life Group.

The goal of Tree of Life Group is a crowning together as a bench of 12 that will grow itself up into manifest sonship.

  • A TOL Scroll Group was the first group to experience a crowning as a bench of 12.
  • This occurred mid-January of 2018.
  • This was not around common elements of destiny.
  • The next week they experienced a triumphal entry into City of Zion and a crowning there on a throne.
  • This was a corporate entering into manifest sonship.
  • God told me that this group is a prototype.
  • This means that every other TOL Group is meant to follow into the same experience.


  • Each level is 8 weeks long.
  • Each Group is an ecclesia which quickly becomes a family.
  • Each Group journeys together through the various levels.
  • Level One is for beginners in heavenly realms.  It is a journey into increased intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • Level Two is Scroll Group.  This is a journey into destiny.
  • Level Three is a journey into kingship.  You will begin a relationship with Lady Wisdom and be equipped to begin discipling others.
  • Level Four is a journey into manifest sonship and will help you to avoid stumbling blocks that can keep you from moving into fully functioning manifest sonship.
  • Level five is a journey into sonship.
  • Further levels will be developed one by one.
  • Self-paced levels are available for those unable to join at scheduled times.
  • A Journey Into Intimacy (TOL Group Level 1)
  • A Journey Into Destiny (TOL Group Level 2)
  • A Journey Into Kingship (TOL Group Level 3)
  • Self-paced levels will also be good for those preparing to join TOL Group for the first time at a level other than Level One.
  • For information on how to register please see See this page to register


  • Facilitators move into facilitation by first observing experienced facilitators.
  • They then practice facilitation skills in the groups under the supervision of the facilitators.


  • I see TOL Group as facilitating its members (each group is an ecclesia) into manifest sonship and moving them into responsibility.
  • It is our desire to prepare you to facilitate a Tree of Life Group of your own.
  • We are convinced that this is an easy way for you to be fruitful and multiply yourself.
  • We want to assist you to fulfill the command to go into all of the world and make disciples.
  • Our vision is that TOL Group will go to the nations.
  • We are especially interested in facilitating those who will bring TOL Group to different languages and time zones.
  • Please contact Bill Brady if interested in being mentored to facilitate a TOL Group .

Bill Brady, Donna Irizarry and Samone Jones are the bench of three for Tree of Life Group.

  • We  have developed the existing TOLDG and TOL Scroll Group programs and are working on further development.
  • Bill Brady is administrating TOL Group.
  • Please contact Bill Brady if you desire to trade into Tree of Life Group.
  • When you do so you are trading into manifest sonship.