Being A House Not Being a House Church Group

Submitted to the body for dialog and further clarity.  Those things that have been revealed belong to us all.  We all can receive further revelation to  further “connect the dots”.

by Bill Brady

Being A House Not Being a House Church Group

We are not meant to repeat the New Testament pattern of house churches.

  • We have a glorious future understanding new heaven and new earth and how this is accessible now
  • That way no one camps before reaching the goal of manifest sonship.

There is a pattern in the time just before and after Pentecost.

  • Jesus told the 12 to wait in Jerusalem until they received the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • They had already received the Holy Spirit when Jesus breathed on them.
  • Now they were to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The 12 had had 3.5 years of being discipled personally by Jesus.
  • They still weren’t ready to be sent out.

Jesus kept them together in one place until then for a reason.

  • The Holy Spirit would finish the work that Jesus had begun.
  • Then Jesus would send the 12 out.
  • In Acts 1:8 Jesus sent them out to Jerusalem, then to Judea and Samaria, and then to the uttermost parts of the earth.
  • Even then, that sending is only a sending of the 12.
  • The 12 obeyed and taught the rest of the 120 and the new believers house by house beginning in Jerusalem.

Recently, the Lord told me, “I am building you a house”. 

  • This is what He said to David.
  • “A house” in this context is a father’s house, as in “in My Father’s house there are many dwelling places”.
  • A father’s house is the family that Father builds for a manifest son.
  • Every ecclesia, of whatever size, is a family.
  • Every family has a father.

Manifest sons function as a father.

  • A spiritual father is a servant leader.
  • A spiritual father is a facilitator.
  • A spiritual father gives themselves to their sons.
  • A spiritual father imparts sonship to their sons.
  • Spiritual fathers receive the ability to father from their own spiritual fathers.
  • Spiritual fathers father a spiritual generation of spiritual sons.
  • The size of that generation will reflect the sphere of authority of the spiritual father.

Abraham is the father of us all. 

  • Abraham became a father because God made him a father.
  • Everyone since Abraham is meant to receive fathering from Abraham.
  • There is meant to an unbroken chain of generations from Abraham.
  • That chain has been broken.
  • God has restored the chain of generations.
  • Once again every spiritual son is meant to grow up in his father’s house.

Every father’s house has many dwelling places.

  • Dwelling places are benches that sons of the house function on until they mature as a manifest son.
  • Until they have a house of their own they help build their father’s house.
  • Then they leave their father’s house to build a house of their own.
  • A son is not meant to leave his father’s house until he is sent by Father.
  • All of these elements involve co-working, co-building, co-creating, co-begetting and co-fathering.
  • They all involve benches of 3 and 12 for the Ecclesia not meeting locally to discuss topics

This explains why meeting in house churches is not the pattern for the heavenly ecclesia.

  • We are not designed to meet in a house.
  • We are a house.
  • We are fathers who begat and father houses.


our section on fathering to understand more

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