Revelation of the Mystery of Fathering and Fatherlessness

Revelation of the Mystery of Fathering and Fatherlessness

Bill Brady   Edited 11/28/2018

Fatherlessness is a qualification for becoming a spiritual father.

  • This is not just for men.
  • This is for women too.
  • Sisters, you can be spiritual fathers too.
  • Fatherlessness qualifies you just as much as it qualifies men.

The mystery of fathering is part of the mystery of sonship.

  • Sonship is one of the laws of Zion.
  • Understanding the mystery of fathering includes understanding the mystery of fatherlessness.

I first began to understand the mystery of fatherlessness when I saw it at work.

  • I saw it at work in the three generations of my family that came before me.
  • And I saw it at work in my own life.
  • I saw how Father redeemed me from fatherlessness.
  • And made me into a spiritual father.

There is fatherlessness throughout my family.

  • It is on both my father’ and mother’s sides.
  • I can trace it back four generations.
  • Many mothers raised their children without the presence of a father in the home.
  • Mothers coped with a husband who was unable to fully function as a father.
  • Fatherlessness was passed down to both my father and my mother.
  • Then it was passed down to me.

My parents did the best that they could to raise their two children.

  • There was lots of love.
  • There was always food and good family activities.
  • One day my father apologized to me in tears.
  • He said that he had not been the father to me that he had wanted to be.
  • I was embarrassed.
  • I was a young adolescent and had never seen my father cry before.
  • I didn’t know what to think or feel.

Years later one ministering emotional healing to me asked, 

  • “Have you ever seen your father cry?”
  • Holy Spirit knows us and can heal us.
  • He heals us from the ache of fatherlessness.

There was lots of love in my family.

  • However, no one ever said, “I love you”.
  • Until I moved back home as an adult.
  • I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • I began saying “I love you” to Mom and Dad.
  • Over the years we said, “I love you” to each other many times.

 I come from a family of men and women effected by fatherlessness.

  • I come from a family full of love.
  • We are a family of men who did the best that they could to be fathers.
  • Who loved their families as much as they knew how.
  • I come from a family of strong women.
  • Many were forced to function as both mothers and fathers.
  • Who loved their families and did the best that they could.

Now in my 60’s, Abba Father has finally put the whole picture together for me.

  • I have seen the mystery of fatherlessness at work in my family.
  • I now see both the fatherlessness and the love.
  • I see that my parents both did the best that they could.
  • I was and am loved.

After being born again I was gathered into a local church. 

  • There an elder took me under his wing and became a father to me.
  • He reparented me, filling in many gaps.
  • He gave me self-confidence.
  • He worked himself out of every job that he held in the church.
  • He gave them to me one by one until I too was an elder.

Later, I moved on and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  • I was hired as an assistant pastor by a pastor who also fathered me.
  • I came to him still broken.
  • He told me later that he almost let me go.
  • When I visited my parents I came back under the influence of the family familiar spirits.
  • When I returned from time off I was useless for ministry for several weeks.

Soon after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I had a dream.

  • In the dream, I was walking up a creek bed filled with stones.
  • I was finding gold amongst the stones.
  • Next scene I was speaking words.
  • Next scene I discovered that the same words were spoken by Elijah.

I have carried the spirit of Elijah for many years in preparation for this day.

  • John the Baptist, who also carried that same spirit, is one of my men in white linen.
  • Father Abraham is another of my men in white linen.

The spirit of Elijah: 

“He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” 

What is the spirit of Elijah? 

  • Elijah the Prophet fathered Elisha into the office of the prophet as his replacement.
  • Elisha saw Elijah taken up to heaven in a fiery chariot.
  • He cried out, “My Father, My Father!  The chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof!”
  • Elijah was Elisha’s spiritual father.

I carry the spirit of Elijah.

  • It turns the hearts of the fathers to the children.
  • It has turned my heart to be inclined to my spiritual children.
  • In doing so, it has made me into a spiritual father.
  • Father imparts fathering to us by imparting the spirit of Elijah to us.

What is a mother’s role? 

  • She loves and nurtures her children.
  • She teaches them right from wrong.
  • This is the simplified version as all moms well know.

What is a father’s role?

  • He models for his sons how to be a man and father.
  • He models for his daughters what to look for in a husband.
  • And what to look for in a man who will be ther father of her children.
  • This is also the simplified version.

Young men and women who have been fathered are different.

  •  A young man who has been fathered properly will respect women.
  • A young woman who has been fathered properly will respect herself.
  • And wait to find a fully fathered young man to marry.
  • No condemnation to any of us.
  • Few in these days have been fully fathered.

Along the way, a father imparts destiny to both his sons and daughters. 

  • Joseph did this for his step son, Jesus.
  • As a result, Jesus went into His step father’s family business.
  • He was a fine carpenter in his step-father’s business.
  • When it was time He then went into His Heavenly Father’s business.

This is the way that it is designed to be.

  • Our fathers impart destiny into us.
  • Without this we will not mature fully as a man or woman.
  • We will not fully move into our destiny.
  • We will not be able to be all that we are meant to be as fathers and mothers.
  • A young man or woman who has not been fully fathered will pass along their incompleteness to their children.
  • Fatherlessness is passed on from generation to generation.

The big picture of fathering and fatherlessness.

  • So, now you have the answer to what’s wrong with the world.
  • What we see is many broken and incomplete men and women.
  • All are doing the best that they can.
  • Few are fully linked to the next generation.
  • Fatherlessness is passed down from generation to generation.
  • None of us are whole.
  • This has been happening since the fall.

It will continue to happen in each family until the broken chain is restored.

  • By a spiritual father.
  • Empowered with the spirit of Elijah.

The broken chain is being put back together in our time. 

  • The first whole links have been made by the spirit of Elijah.
  • Those links that have been made whole are spiritual fathers.
  • There are many such men and women in this day.
  • They are being raised up to be spiritual fathers.
  • The next spiritual generation will be healed and whole.

Each of us is called to be a spiritual father at some level.

  • Each of us will come from a family generational back ground of fatherlessness.
  • Each will have been restored by Abba, their loving heavenly father.

Your family is not that different from mine.

  • Familiar spirits that brought affliction to your generations were meant by the accuser for evil.
  • But all was meant by God for a positive blueprint of family destiny.

Look carefully at Abraham’s family.

  • In a sense, they are the First Family for all of us.
  • This is because Abraham is our father.
  • They are the first family, the first dysfunctional family and the first soap opera.

The result is God’s grace on display.

  • From this background God raised Joseph up to rule over Egypt.
  • And save Egypt and his family from famine.

We are Josephs. 

  • We are the ones destined to rule.
  • We are manifest sons.
  • Manifest sons will be sent out to father their own sons into manifest sonship.
  • We are the generation that has been awaited since Adam’s fall.

The generations just before yours were devastated.

  • This was Pharaoh trying to kill Moses.
  • This was Herod trying to kill Jesus.
  • You arrived at this time in brokenness.
  • As part of a broken family.
  • The one who came to steal, kill and destroy did his best and failed.

You and I are here. 

  • The One who came to give you abundant life took over from there.
  • He is the one who calls you to spiritual fathering.

We are those least likely to be a good parent.

  • But we are those most likely to be a spiritual father.
  • Our human inability qualifies us.
  • His ability empowers us.
  • The greater the devastation; the greater the empowerment.

This was true of Abraham. 

  • God called him a father of many nations when he was not a father of anyone.
  • From there things got worse.
  • Year after year went by until Abraham’s wife was way too old to have a baby.
  • And Abraham himself was too old.
  • In this place of inability God gave a child through resurrection.
  • Then God called Abraham to sacrifice that child, his only child, now grown to be a man.
  • Again, resurrection!
  • Abraham received Isaac back from the brink of death.

Resurrection will do the same in your life.

  • If God has called you to be a spiritual father, then believe for it.
  • And it will happen.

God’s mysteries are hidden in plain sight in the scriptures.

  • You have now seen the mystery of fatherlessness.
  • And the mystery of fathering.

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