How to determine what ages you are in.

How to determine what ages you are in.

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

You likely operate out of more than one age. 

  • Entering a city to explore or as discovery is not the same a Triumphal Entry of a City.
  • A Triumphal Entry into a city attracts a crowd that cheers you on and is followed by a crowning and seating on a throne.

Go to the bottom and read up the list.


Triumphal Entry into City Everlasting (?)

Age of Zion (Ruling From Zion)

Triumphal Entry into Zion, crowning ceremony and beginning of  Manifest Sonship which is third and final stage of Sonship.)

Separation from self.

Enter Into Eternity past the flaming sword.  Followed by creation of cities in Infinity and ruling in eternity on descending bench of 2 with Jesus.  Second Stage of Sonship.

Separation from self-government.

Triumphal Entry into New Jerusalem followed by becoming descending Jerusalem.  Beginning of Sonship.

Age of New Beginnings

Welcomed by Father to sit down on throne on top of Mount Zion.

Age of Rest (Come to Rest from Dead Works – Separation from self-works.)

Age of Peace (Working the time line.  Begin to experience Metatron’s Cube.)

Age of Melchizedek (Operating in Four Faces of God)

Ecclesia Age (First participation on benches)

Seated as a king on king thrones.

Kingdom Age (Seated as lord on lord thrones)

Church Age (Born Again)

Age of Enlightenment (Aware of God.  Not yet born again.)

2 thoughts on “How to determine what ages you are in.

  1. Thank you Bill!
    I love your teachings!
    This is so good and a great explaination.
    Do you have a group ascension you lead?
    I have been with a group of 3 of us and acending for 3-4 years and are advancing in what we are being lead to do!
    But I want to do more… what do you suggest!


  2. Sharon, The Ecclesia is being invited into New Jerusalem in these days. Have you visited there? Please feel free to contact me by Facebook Messenger. I don’t monitor this site that often.


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