Where Do You Experience Ruling From?

Where Do You Experience Ruling From?

Bill Brady   Updated 11/29/2018

Where Do You Experience Ruling From?

  • What does that place look like?
  • Where is it?
  • Is it in a heavenly city?
  • Is it on a mountain?
  • Is it in a throne room?
  • Did you experience Father inviting you to sit down on that throne?

How do you experience ruling?

  • Is Father beside you?
  • Are you experiencing descending to rule?
  • Are you pouring forth onto the earth?

Have you experienced other places to rule from besides this one?

  • Where were those places of ruling?
  • What was that experience of ruling like?

Questions help you to know where you are in the progression to Manifest Sonship.  The Blueprint For Manifest Sonship

Here are the thrones in their order of progression.

  1. Lord thrones from which you rule for areas of your personal life.
  2. King thrones from which you rule for areas of broader responsibility.
  3. The throne on top of and in Mount Zion.
  4. The throne in New Jerusalem.
  5. The seats on the benches in Eternity.  (Bench of 3 with Godhead making a window.  Bench of 1 with all of Heaven.)
  6. The throne in the City of Zion.  ( We currently see that this is in the is to come. )
  7. Ruling in City Everlasting in eternity

If Father invited you to sit on this throne, then you are either

  • On the throne on top of Mount Zion in age of peace/rest.
  • Here you first learn to rule with things like a scepter, breathing etc.

If you are experiencing descending to rule, then you are either

  • in New Jerusalem or
  • in eternity on the bench of one governing

If you are creating cities then you are in New Jerusalem or higher.

If you are creating cities in infinity then rule as a bench of 2 in City of Zion. 

In eternity

In infinity

  • We experience descending to rule with Jesus on the bench of two over cities.

Here are some resources that to help you see what ruling is like on various thrones.

This page is a work in progress and open to feedback if you believe this is in error.


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