The Blueprint For Mature Sonship

by Bill Brady Dec 2017  
We invite input as our mandate is one united body.

There is a blueprint for progressing into Manifest Sonship.  It involves a progression into different levels of functioning.

  • From Lordship to Kingship to Sonship to Manifest Sonship.
  • From the Age of Enlightenment to the Age of Zion.
  • From heavenly city to heavenly city taking on the characteristics of each heavenly city.
  • From realm to realm.
  • From throne to throne.

We also progress through the stages of Sonship.

  • We enter into Sonship in the Age of New Beginnings.
  • We die to self-government.
  • We enter into Sonship in Eternity.
  • We enter into Manifest Sonship in Zion and the Age of Zion.
  • We are sent as a Manifest Son.

We progress through the Ages.

  • We become more like Jesus in form.  Form is who Jesus is.
  • We become more like Jesus in function.  Function is what Jesus does.
  • We moving from co-ruling with Jesus to also co-creating with Jesus.

We progress through the heavenly cities. 

  • We come into the fullness of the purpose of the City of Jerusalem.
  • We enter heavenly city causing us to become conformed to the purpose of that city.
  • We enter into four Heavenly Cities:  City of Salem, New Jerusalem, City of Zion and City Everlasting.

We progress through the realms.  

  • We experience the fullness of the salvation that Jesus bought for us.

We sit down on one throne after another. 

  • We sit down on our lord thrones.
  • We sit down on our king thrones.
  • We sit down on the Father’s throne on top of Mount Zion.
  • We sit down on the throne in New Jerusalem.
  • We sit down on Jesus’ throne in City of Zion.

We progress 

  • Through the Stages of Growth: Lordship, Kingship, Sonship and Manifest Sonship.
  • Through the Ages.
  • To enter each Heavenly City.
  • Through the Realms.
  • To sit down on each throne.

 We become more like Jesus.

  • In His form- In who He is
  • In His Function In what He is doing

We experience this as a moment by moment journey.

  • We receive mandates.
  • We move on according to those mandates. 
  • We flow with Holy Spirit step by step.

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